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Communication Generation

Generate Personalized Batch, Interactive and On-Demand Communications

Communication Generation -

Our OmniOMS platform enables you to generate highly personalized batch, interactive and on-demand communications. It allows job-based output generation (print or e-mail) and scheduling of output cycles based on your customers' preferences. Also, it enables you to generate consistent communications in real-time by leveraging an exhaustive gallery of templates and information from multiple applications & enterprise systems.


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Key Features

  • Generate high-volume batch communications through structured output engine
  • Leverage interactive editor for controlled document generation for one to one correspondences
  • On-demand document generation for generating documents in real-time. Integrate with business systems, websites, mobile app and directly generate documents
  • Integrate with back-end legacy systems for generating documents with consolidated customers’ data

Key Benefits

  • Faster Interactive Correspondence
    Allow users to respond faster to customer queries by generating letters/ communications in real-time with access to all the customer information
  • Real-time On-Demand Generation
    Instantly generate communications from website, mobile or business applications as per user needs
  • Batch Generation
    Enable job-based scheduling for output generation for communications such as Bills, Financial Statements, Policies and others
  • Personalized Communications
    Generate relevant, targeted communications based on customers’ profile
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