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Communication Distribution

Deliver Commuications through Customers' Preferred Channel and Improve Effectiveness

Communication Distribution -

Our dynamic distribution engine enables you to engage customers through their preferred communication channel. With the platform's extensive integration capabilities and readymade adaptors, it allows you to deliver communications across multiple channels. Further, its advanced tracking capabilities helps track and manage the non receipt of communications sent through e-mail and mail.


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Key Features

  • Facilitate multiple channel distribution through e-mail, print, web, social media or SMS
  • Allow rule-based distribution to ensure customers receive communications through their preferred channel
  • Enable parallel distribution of documents. Setup parallel cycles to send out documents through different channels at same time
  • Track bounced emails and define corrective actions. Notify failed mail communications through emails
  • Integrate the suite with any third-party archival system to store and access documents

Key Benefits

  • Extend Reach to Customers 

    Enhance customer experience by delivering the message at the right time through their preferred channel with a single centralized system

  • Ensure Timely Delivery 

    Reduce turnaround time to distribute documents through parallel distribution

  • Secure Archival 

    Easy and secure archival of communications, with no scripting required

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