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Communication Designer

Design Engaging Communications with Easy-to-Use, Drag & Drop Composition Designer

Communication Designer -

Our easy-to-use composition designer enables you to design highly personalized and engaging communications with its rich graphics capabilities. The designer supports various types of graphs, charts, tables, hyperlinks and annotations such as highlight, red-action, stamps and others. Moreover, it empowers users with multi-lingual support, layering support, and dictionary for language translation.


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Key Features

  • Enable users to preview documents as they design with What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) feature
  • Maintain versions of templates with check-in/check-out feature and assign rights on templates
  • Leverage your existing designs in PDF/MS Word files by importing them directly into the designer for re-usability and faster development of templates
  • Define bundling of output for easy management such as bundles based on zip code or city
  • Leverage security features such as configurable passwords, digital signatures, 1-D, 2-D barcodes, and watermarks
  • Maintain confidentiality of customers’ data by masking account numbers, policy numbers etc. The tool supports HIPAA and PCI DSS encryption standards
  • Supports integration from multiple data sources such as MS SQL, Oracle through ODBC/JDBC connection or import data from CSVs, XMLs. Integrate with third party systems using Web Services

Key Benefits

  • Simplified design environment
    Easy to use, drag and drop designing tool with user-friendly interface to capture variables and data fields
  • Enhanced customer experience
    Engage with your customers by creating responsive and device-friendly e-mail communications through HTML support
  • Effective communications
    Create visually attractive communications with charts and graphs. Reach out to a larger customer base by generating communications in multiple languages
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