Process Orchestration Engine - Process Orchestration Engine


Process Orchestration Engine

Smart Process Execution for Enhanced Process Performance and Improved Resource Utilization

Process Orchestration Engine -

Our OmniFlow iBPS process execution engine allows you to orchestrate activities among people, processes, systems, and things for smooth and effective operations. The engine controls process flows and maintains integrity of process definitions. It supports standard workflow operations such as initiation, rules processing, sequential, parallel and ad-hoc task routing to deliver high-performing business processes.


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Key Features

  • End-to-end process management with flexibility to enable or disable a process
  • High-volume transaction processing
  • Dynamic load balancing removes bottlenecks and allows for high performance and stability
  • Parallel and inclusive distribution of work-items allows for conditional flow of processes
  • Ad-hoc routing enables dynamic changes in normal process flow
  • Automatic notifications and alerts with dynamic process data mapping ensures no slip ups
  • Manage processes with in-flight process changes and agile business rules

Key Benefits

  • Optimize Cycle Times
    Enable role-based routing and work prioritization to optimize resource performance and improve productivity
  • Achieve Process Standardization
    Ensure consistent and repeatable business processes as per your  business requirements
  • Drive Business Agility
    Manage process changes through rapid design, development and deployment cycle
  • Deliver High-Performing Processes
    Enable support for standard workflow operations such as initiation of work, processing of rules, sequential, parallel and ad-hoc task routing
Process Orchestration Engine -  -


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