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Process Insights

Simulate and Optimize Processes at Design Time Using Historical Data and ‘What If’ Analysis

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Newgen iBPS Process Insights is a core component of OmniFlow iBPS. It enables you to optimize business processes by analyzing historical data and by creating real-world business scenarios. Using Process Insights, you can analyze future trends and predict the impact of strategic and tactical changes.


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Key Features

  • No-code web interface for creating real-world business scenarios
  • Historical data analyzer helps uncover operational inefficiencies and shares insights into the performance of processes
  • Reliable industry standard simulation enables you to simulate processes as per different conditions and analyze results
  • Color-coded heatmaps and time trend analysis ensure better monitoring
  • What-if analysis for comparing different process scenarios

Key Benefits

  • Deploy optimal processes
    Create and compare different process scenarios to discover the best-fit processes
  • Drive continuous process improvement
    Identify bottlenecks, delayed activities and demand spikes with advance visualization, time trend analysis and heatmaps
  • Take pre-emptive actions
    Uncover business risks through simulation of critical business scenarios
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