Configurable Unified Interface - Configurable Unified Interface


Configurable Unified Interface

Personalized, Single Window Access to Applications

Configurable Unified Interface -

Newgen OmniApp offers a single point access to all your enterprise applications through a user-friendly and integrated interface. You can customize the user interface as per your preferred display settings, enabling resource optimization and increased efficiency. Further, you can set event updates, notifications, and alerts to get real-time updates and eliminate any chances of slip ups.


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Key Features

  • Personalized user desktops, enabling immediate access to contextual information
  • Single window access to internal and third-party applications
  • User specific analytical reports and dashboards
  • Single ‘Sign In’ to multiple enterprise applications

Key Benefits

  • Improved Productivity 
    Single window access to various internal and third party applications enhances users’ productivity
  • Enhanced User Experience
    Customizable user interface with preferred display settings allows optimization of resources and increases efficiency
  • Contextual Awareness 
    Event updates, notifications, and alerts provide real-time contextual awareness to business users, eliminating chances of slip ups
Configurable Unified Interface -  -


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