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BPM on Mobile

On-The-Go Task Execution to Deliver Enhanced Customer Experience

BPM on Mobile -

Newgen iBPS Mobile provides users on-the-go, secure access to critical processes and information. Our platform facilitates increased user responsiveness and improves overall business performance by extending BPM capabilities to a mobile environment.

Leverage iBPS Mobile to reduce your organization’s operational cost, reach-out to customers with less expenditure on IT infrastructure, physical documents, and larger resource deployment.


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Key Features

  • Refer, reassign, complete, and reject tasks in real-time
  • Collect, store and upload data directly in the system using mobile camera
  • Simplify transactions by leveraging mobile capture, imaging and extraction capabilities
  • Compress documents and perform multi-page imaging via image enhancement capabilities
  • Extend online and offline support in case of network outage

Key Benefits

  • Better Decision Making
    Empower business users with real-time and contextual information. Facilitate them to make better decisions on-the-fly
  • Enhanced User Experience
    Cater to specific needs of business users and ensure consistent, productive user experience
  • Secured Accessibility
    Gain anytime, anywhere access to critical processes and maintain optimum levels of data security
  • Reduced Turn-around-time
    Witness faster service delivery; enable field agents to enter data and documents in the system on-the-go
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