Deployment and Monitoring Server

Rely on the server for intuitive model deployment and performance monitoring

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 Deploy and Monitor - Deployment and Monitoring Server

Deploy and Monitor

Identify the best-performing model from various available options, using the built-in reinforcement learning mechanism, and ensure its single-click deployment. Perform model retraining with comprehensive scheduling and governance. Furthermore, compare and continuously monitor model performance while gaining detailed insights into its behavior

Deployment and Monitoring Server

One-click Model Deployment

  • Deploy models from the development cluster to production in a single click
  • Perform continuous model development, monitoring, and deployment

Built-in Reinforcement Learning

  • Deploy multiple models together to ensure the best performing model is served
Deployment and Monitoring Server

Model Retraining and Self-learning

  • Retrain models on new datasets with intuitive scheduling and governance
  • Allow user to configure parameters for the best model selection
  • Deploy the model automatically to production on crossing the user-defined performance threshold

Continuous Model Monitoring

  • Monitor and understand all models in deployment at the most granular level
  • Dive deep by comparing model drift and performance over a period of time
  • Understand model behavior with comprehensive monitoring of the model up to parameter levels

Capabilities of Newgen AI Cloud

Make informed business decisions and deliver a transformed customer experience

Visually prepare data at a massive scale

Leverage an intuitive drag-and-drop design studio for model development

Rely on the server for intuitive model deployment and performance monitoring

Optimize your machine learning (ML) model development for high performance and accuracy

Leverage a visual interface for data exploration, comprehensive reporting, and data cleansing

Foster a conducive environment for better collaboration and research