About EAI System and Newgen Partnership

  - About EAI System and Newgen Partnership

EAI Systems was formed in the UK by a group of experienced IT professionals in 2006. Today we provide niche technology consulting and digital transformation services globally. We have offices in the UK, USA, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and we are expanding to other countries.
We believe passionately that digital transformation should be – and is – within the reach of all organizations. To cater to a wide range of organizations , we offer a broad variety of digital transformation services offerings such as Digital Process Automation , Low Code No Code , Customer Engagement , Customer Experience (CX) , Business Consulting , API Micro-services , Applied AI -ML , Digital Marketing and Cloud Transformation .
With our pool of talented professionals, we are making an impact on and transforming the businesses of organizations in a wide range of industries such as Government, Financial Services, Telecom, Retail/CPG, Justice, Insurance and Energy & Utilities.