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Accounts Receivable

Ensure Smarter Reconciliations, and Shorter Billing Cycles.


To improve billing and payment cycles, your organization would need to streamline its accounts receivable process. Manual AR processes are often erroneous and slow. The volume of data and the precision needed for reconciliation of such large amounts can be tedious to keep up with. It can greatly impact a business’s cash flow and profitability. In manual account receivable process, enterprises are not empowered to transpose remittance and reconciliation advises into SAP solutions. As a result, they struggle with huge amounts of unallocated cash and open items during financial closures.

We help you optimize your AP functions, optimize cash flows and boost your workers' productivity. Our solutions, built on Newgen’s robust and unified ECM and BPM platforms, prevent AP processes from choking. They allow managers to map the entire process flow, and identify bottlenecks, thereby effectively negating them. We also enable you to integrate seamlessly with SAP ERP systems for optimized invoice processing.

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Consolidating Cash Flows
Our Accounts Receivable solution allows smart cash management by eliminating manual allocations of payments, and allocating cash more quickly through rules driven process.

Seamless SAP Integration
The solution dovetails well with SAP to drive an effective hassle free AR function.

Invoice Compliance
The Solution automatically adheres to complex guidelines, tax rules and other laws, thereby reducing the opportunity for manual manipulation and errors.

Order to cash cycle automation
Automates complete order to cash cycle and makes sure incoming payments and invoices match. It reduces days sales outstanding (DSO).

Automation of functions
Functions like data entry, approvals and reminders are effectively automated. Less time is spent on sorting information, performing manual entries and long physical processes.

Cost reduction
Reduces cost by eliminating low value tasks and bank fees.

Remittance from multiples sources handled
Effectively handles incoming remittance advices from multiple sources.


Accounts Receivable - Vendor Portal

Vendor Portal

Strengthen buyer-supplier interaction, and improve vendor relations


Accounts Receivable - Newgen’s Invoice Management System

Newgen’s Invoice Management System

Streamline cash flow management and optimize life cycle of invoices.