Pharmaceutical - Reinvent Pharmaceutical Business with Newgen

Reinvent Pharmaceutical Business with Newgen

Enabling organization-wide consistency in manufacturing quality standards with digitally transformed processes.


The Global Pharmaceuticals Industry is witnessing a paradigm shift, simulated by a combination of market consolidation and advancements along the production value chain. These have prompted innovations and higher operational efficiency for manufacturers but also led to greater emphasis on regulations such as The Goods Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The GMP regulation requires maintaining of extensive production documentation in compliance with requisite federal standards for product quality and safety.

Our solution enables you to meet the stipulated high-quality industry standards and meet complex requirements of ‘The Goods Manufacturing Practices’ (GMP). Leverage the solution to enhance overall productivity with smart tools for document management and approval workflows and improve enterprise-wide information management and collaboration.

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Our solution has unique features and functionalities that help reinvent business operations in pharmaceutical companies. Learn how we do it.


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