Our Legal Case Management Solution is built on top of Newgen’s Adaptive Case Management Framework that enables legal firms and corporate legal departments modernize operations. We help them move away from paper and manpower intensive operations. Our framework is adept in handling investigative style of case handling, which is critical in handling legal work.

Our solution facilitates robust task management where you can have rules driven allocation of cases depending on different parameters including skill set, bandwidth and investigation outcomes. We also help you keep a track on client billable hours and ensure streamlined and on-time invoice generation to ensure optimized revenue flow. Inbuilt tools & features for Contract Management, Fee Calculator, Effort Tracker, Capacity Tracker and Time Sheet are provided to help you better manage, track, report and trace cases. It is integrated with standard accounting software’s like Navision etc for exchanging billing and collection related information. The solution also provisions you to split the drafting work for collaborative working that can be carried out by multiple resources on a single case.

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Its time to redefine the way judicial organizations and courts manage large volumes of paper records and cases. Newgen can help reinvent operations in judiciary and legal firms.


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Legal - Dynamic Case Management – A Fusion of BPM, ECM and Business Analytics

Dynamic Case Management – A Fusion of BPM, ECM and Business Analytics

Organizations with a strong history of providing complex BPM, ECM and CCM solutions are now focusing on developing DCM solutions.