Communications Management for Insurance - Customer Communications Management for Insurance


Customer Communications Management for Insurance

Streamline enterprise-wide communications across various channels to improve retention and earn customer loyalty.


Insurance companies generate different communications for customers, ranging from policies, proposals, forms, notices, to renewals, claims, annual portfolio statements. However, when it comes to rolling out these communications, legacy systems, various business applications, fragmented document creation systems pose barriers, in turn leading to inconsistency in the process.

The Newgen solution helps insurers be omnipresent on all digital channels and connect with every customer by delivering personalized, targeted and consistent communications across all touch points.

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Deliver timely, relevant, and personalized communications to customers across multiple engagement channels.

Multi-channel Delivery
Enable multi-channel delivery of communications, from digital to the traditional channels, such as emails, web, print, SMS, mobile, and others. Further, track and manage the non-receipt of communications

Composition Designer
The easy-to-use drag & drop tool enables component-based designing of communications to maintain consistency and standardization in the process

Communication Scheduler
Pre-schedule designed communication(s). The scheduler helps put designed communications in a queue and can be processed by different stakeholders at the same time to deliver faster output

Version Management
Facilitate template management for versioning, check-in/ check-out, approval, and role-based access

Secure Communications
Ensure secure document creation and delivery with various security features

Strong User Management and Extensive Audit Logs
Empower IT teams to customize and configure user access and rights according to roles and responsibilities

Personalized Customer Communication
Empower users to create dynamic customer communications. And, based on their existing behavior patterns, interests and preferences, roll out personalized communications in real-time

Compliance with Agility
Abide by the changing regulatory mandates; maintain coherent brand identity through rules-driven, yet highly customizable customer communications delivered across multiple channels

Enhanced Control and Lesser IT Dependency
Minimize dependency on IT teams and take control of content, message, and the delivery medium while sharing communications with customers

Strengthened Customer Base
Witness increased up-sell and cross-sell opportunities with the ability to target and tailor new offers to customers


Communications Management for Insurance - Communication Template Library

Communication Template Library

Design engaging customer communications with user-friendly and ready-to-use templates


Communications Management for Insurance - The COO’s Role in Share of Wallet

The COO’s Role in Share of Wallet

Download the whitepaper to know how you can deepen you share of customers' wallet.