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Mobile Medicare Enrollment

Transform your medicare enrollment on mobile to empower your sales agents and drive contextual member interactions.


Member enrollment is the first step in member servicing cycle. A seamless enrollment process will enhance your customer loyalty and boost your brand value. However, this critical business process is often fraught with errors and irregularities due to paper-based applications and high manual intervention. Built on Newgen’s Enterprise Mobility Framework (NEMF), Mobile Medicare Enrollment (MME) enables you to eliminate paper-based transactions and capture member information on-the-go. With NEMF, we deliver an integrated mobility-based enrollment solution that harnesses our expertise in advanced imaging and automated data extraction. By leveraging the platform, you can efficiently manage processes from enrollment, reconciliation to servicing.

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Know how you can eliminate paper-based transactions and capture member information on-the-go.

Enable sales agents to perform critical tasks involved in prospecting stage. Allow them to view assigned leads, search leads, schedule tasks, follow-ups, view pending items, alerts & notifications, etc.

Online & Offline Enrollment
Process applications in the remotest areas and in case of network outage in a hassle-free way

Scope of Appointment
Capture SOA as a part of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services guidelines. Auto-populate data while enrolling a member

Integrate with core claim system to fetch benefit package information, CMS/ Marx system. Further, perform real-time eligibility check and USPS for address validation

Comprehensive Reporting
Generate multiple reports for different stakeholders, offering them a snapshot of key performance indicators

Data Discrepancy Management
Provide accurate enrollment information via instant rule-based field validations and witness reduced enrollment cycles. Apply checks on missing or incorrect data entry during review to minimize enrollment rejection

Document Management
Leverage dynamic mobile forms for on-the-go capture of enrollees’ information and signature. Transfer captured data in a central repository for real-time processing and archiving

Enhanced Member Experience
Ensure member satisfaction by drastically reducing enrollment turn-around-times. Drive contextual member interactions with on-the-go information access

Increased Sales Force Productivity
Ensure ‘First Time Right’ capture and transfer of your member data to the back office. Empower sales representatives with real-time availability of reference documents, such as benefits package and presentations

Reduced Operational Costs
Eliminate printing, shipping and other administrative costs by digitizing member records and product information

Enhanced Compliance Management
Keep a track of operational deviations, errors and keep data secure. Adhere to SLAs and eliminate CMS enrollment denials. Apply thorough checks to avoid fraud or misrepresentation of available data


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Health Plan and Health System Solution Offerings

Transform your processes to achieve compliance, efficiencies and member satisfaction


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