Employee Grievances Management - Employee Grievances Management


Employee Grievances Management

Track and resolve grievance cases across sources faster and efficiently by leveraging dynamic case management solution and smart analytics.


We’ve kept a finger on your pulse while designing an Employee Grievance Management system that helps you track and resolve employees grievances quickly and effectively. Our single unified Case management solution aids in recording, tracking and investigation of incidents throughout your organization, helping you create visibility and uniformity.

Our solutions support different practice areas such as investigations, arbitrations, grievances, litigation, appeals and ethics for managing issues across legal, labor relations and HR. By leveraging Newgen’s case management platform and powerful content management capabilities, case workers are empowered to handle complex and unpredictable grievances more effectively with the support of contextual content and smart analytics.

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Reinvent your employee grievance management process with faster case resolution and streamlined grievance reporting.

Case Management Framework
Pre-configured solution accelerator built on Case Management Framework

Business rule management system
Underlying core rule engine based on organization policies and procedures

Intake of inputs from multiple sources
Seamless intake of grievances from multiple sources like forms, anonymous mails, call center etc.

Planner capability
Schedule Interviews, appointments and capture meeting minutes

Case Pattern Analytics
Review Employee History and case pattern analytics for better decision making

Mobility support
Solution capabilities on mobile platform, enabling end users to execute tasks on-the-go

Manage interactions and collaborate
Organizations provide various means by which an employee can register a grievance via an anonymous mail, call centre, web portals and other sources. Newgen Employee Grievance management enables multi-channel intake of grievances.

Empower your employees to make better decisions
The Newgen Employee Grievance management solution enables rules based triage of grievances. The underlying core rule engine, based on organization policies and procedures, aids the decision making process by providing real time reports.

Operational intelligence with 360 degree visibility
Grievance redressal needs to be a fair and transparent process. Newgen Employee Grievance management solution ensures visibility and transparency across workflow and provides tracking capabilities which ensures adherence to Service Level Agreements and regulatory compliance.


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