e-Statements - Efficient Engagement through e-Statements


Efficient Engagement through e-Statements

Adopt a smarter and more personalized communication with your customers by engaging them through routine transactional communication and statements.


Newgen solution for e-statements helps organizations target the right offer to the right customer at the right time. Transform your customer engagement ideas with highly personalized account statements based on customer profile and transaction history. Our system allows quick configuration of relevant marketing messages based on pre-defined rules, thereby contextualizing content for individual customers with ‘Next Best Action’ recommendations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

You can use our comprehensive unified platform to transform standard transaction documents into creative marketing opportunities with personalized promotional messages. Explore how to engage with your customer with customized communication across multiple platforms such as email, web and mobile. Eliminate risks associated with missing regulatory notes/disclaimers, calculation and other possible human errors.

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Reinvent how you communicate with your customers and transform your customer engagement initiatives with personalized e-messages.

Customizable templates
Component based templates that can be tailored as per the client’s need

Drag-and-Drop feature
Drag and drop functionality for designing custom reports

Rule Based framework
Rules-based approvals for each component, for necessary validations and

Automatic fetch property
Automatic fetching of dynamic data-fields within each component

Tracking & review provision
Tracking of delivery status of e-statements and initiation of corrective action in case of bounced communication

On-demand e-statements
Support for batch as well as on demand delivery of e-statements

Better customer experience ensured through a consolidated view of the customer’s engagement with the organization- portfolio statements

Improved presentation
Rich design templates that make use of html, pdf views. Adherence to corporate branding guidelines ensured, and communication sent out in customers’ preferred languages. Graphical analytic representation used to enable informed decisions

Customer-centric inline ads
Utilizes prime paper space for Personalized Inline advertisements, along with rule-based profiling and segmenting of customers. Enables targeted promotions – using the Right Customer, Right Proportion, Right Time & right Channel rule

Cost management
Consolidated output saves paper, printing & postage costs. It helps avoid wasteful and unread inserts, and also ensures reduced manpower usage for the entire process

Electronic and multi-channel delivery
Ensures faster delivery of the correspondences through e-mail & mobile, and also tracking of bounced, undelivered, incorrect statements

Repository maintained for correspondence, archival and real time analysis. Workflows in place for for multi-level approvals, and content and design consistency are maintained


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e-Statements - Roll out communications that do not DEMAND but command ATTENTION!

Roll out communications that do not DEMAND but command ATTENTION!

Why YOU must leverage statements & invoices for promotions