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Customer Service Management

Resolve cases faster across multiple categories of requests with a unified customer service platform


In the ever-evolving business scenario, customer expectations, as well as service benchmarks, have been rising and choices have increased. Organizations require a comprehensive customer service management (CSM) solution that balances industry best practices with organization service goals, and one they can use conveniently in the present and future.

Our solution caters to the customer engagement needs of organizations. The solution offers a unified platform that integrates seamlessly with enterprise applications, enabling business leaders to deliver superior customer experiences and increase customer lifetime value.

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Meet customer expectations in an environment of shifting customer loyalties.

Case Management
Ensures complete management of cases, such as queries, complaints, and service requests, from initial interaction, case creation to final resolution

Contact Center Management
Facilitates customer interaction capture through CTI/Chat/Email/SMS integration. And, enables agent collaboration & call scripting to improve first call resolution (FCR) rate and reduce call handling time

Social Cell Enablement
Helps the social media cell listen to customer views across various social channels. Further, enables users to view and address exact concerns of users by separating customer noise from the customer’s voice

Knowledge Repository Management
Enables agents to handle customer queries and close them efficiently by leveraging a continuously evolving repository. The repository is updated through articles created by SMEs and approved for use

Feedback Management
Helps capture and report feedback from the customer, either in response to a particular interaction, for the whole organization or in response to a specific survey

Self Service Management
Makes service management easily accessible to the customers over a portal. Enables customers to initiate requests, check status, and perform a host of other activities in a hassle-free manner

Efficient Customer Service
Delivery of improved customer service through automation of non-value-added activities, FCR, knowledge repository search, and agent collaboration

Delighted Customers
Increased CSAT levels, personalized customer service, round-the-clock accessibility via chat-bots & self-service, and proactive action on feedback

Enhanced Social Media Responsiveness
Facilitates a powerful social media responsiveness, via sentiment assessment, identification of brand adversaries, instant flagging of dissent and timely response to social media feedback

Integrated Back-end Processing
Ensures seamless movement of queries, requests & complaints between processes and functions, while reducing overall effort and closure time


Customer Service Management - Customer Service Management Process Transformation for a Fortune 500 Bank

Customer Service Management Process Transformation for a Fortune 500 Bank

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Customer Service Management - Digital Platform for a Connected Enterprise

Digital Platform for a Connected Enterprise

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