Contract Lifecycle Management - Contract Lifecycle Management


Contract Lifecycle Management

Redefine how you manage your contracts with Newgen’s Contract Lifecycle Management Solution that enables you to automate contract lifecycle, mitigate risks and reduce costs.


Our solution is designed to enable organizations to automate contract life cycle, mitigate risks and reduce costs. We help you streamline, standardize and automate contract initiation, creation, negotiation, execution through to expiration. Our solutions facilitate customers to reduce contract cycle times , standardize and maintain visibility for all contracts across organization. These developments lead to lower administration costs, improved compliance, increased revenue, lower risks and higher employee productivity.

Our solution based on Newgen Omniflow BPM, business monitoring tools enable easy contract life cycle management, smarter contract authoring and contract information tracking.

Webinar: Why Contract Lifecycle Management System is a must have for your organization

It's time to redefine how you manage your contracts. Here's a webinar to help you reinvent your contract lifecycle management process

Newgen Contract Lifecycle Management
Design contract management process, which includes contract authoring, review, contract registration, contract renewal, contract termination, and request for addendum to the contract

Design User Inboxes
Design User Inboxes which contain contract diary details, which are related to the tasks allocated to each use

Newgen OmniFlow (BPM)
Newgen OmniFlow (BPM) provides escalation capabilities. Escalation Matrix is imported from the customer’s active directory automatically through integration and then used to define escalation structure in the solution

Business Activity Monitor
BAM (Business Activity & Monitoring) tool helps you create standard and custom reporting through Report Generation Wizard

Multiple Drill-Down Reports
Multiple Drill-Down Reports will be designed using Newgen OmniFlow BAM and using contracts and compliances data obtained from Newgen OmniFlow & Newgen OmniCompliance and other product modules

Master Data Management Module
Master Data Management Module helps you create and manage Clause Repository with data related to contract clauses like Clause Id, Clause Name, and Clause Content. Data can be fetched from Clause Repository and used to populate Clause Section Fields in Contract Templates to generate Contract Documents

Optimize Contract Management
Fast track contract generation and reduce risk by implementing enterprise standards and policies that govern their use. Identifies any major gaps – key contracts that may have expired – and major risks.

Gain 360 Degree Visibility
All contracts are stored centrally ensuring easy accessibility. Comply with your contractual obligations through close tracking of performance and payment obligations. Eliminate revenue leaks, avoid compliance failures and contractual disputes.

Ensure Accountability
Creates readily available record of contracting actions, makes it easy to track results from public expenditures and ensures that payment is commensurate with performance.

Analyze Your Contracts
Discover hidden weaknesses that are undermining the performance of your business, or that will cost you dearly during a crisis.

Reduce Documentation Dependency
Draft, approval, negotiation and signing of contractual documents made easy through process optimization.


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