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Board Meeting Management

Empower boards with strategy-building and organizational planning through Board Meeting Mangement


In large organizations with multiple hierarchies, board meetings are convened regularly to chart out new business plans and evolve business strategies. To ensure organizational growth, it is necessary that every layer of the hierarchy is informed of strategic decisions and implementations.

Newgen's Board Meeting solution based on Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) seeks to address this need. It automates board meetings to make record keeping, document management and ensure compliance with changing regulatory and legal environment easy.

Brochure: Board Meeting Management

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Member Profile Management
Helps maintain a detailed user profile management to ensure restricted rights, and safety of user information through two-factor authentication

Agenda Management
Helps in scheduling of meetings, creation of agendas, approvals, and eventually sending out of invites and agendas to every invitee’s inbox

Ad-Hoc Meeting
In case of an urgent meeting requirement, the solution allows for ad-hoc meetings to be initiated directly without committee creation

User Calendar
Provides an initial dashboard view to all users, equipped with a calendar reflecting all meetings that the user has accepted invites for

Post meeting request, notifications are sent out via e-mail and meeting invites are also received on the calendar in the dashboard view, making it easier to access and accept

Cloud-based access
The solution is made accessible through the Newgen private cloud platform

Easy access to relevant documents
Tracking committee and meeting details such as, agenda, minutes and documents shared can be accessed, making them easily available for future reference

Information security
Security of sensitive documents and vital information shared during closed sessions is ensured

Anytime-anywhere access
Accessible through smartphones, the solution ensures easy access and easy sharing of soft copies of documents

Improved decision-making
Collation of data from various sources facilitates easy, efficient and improved decision-making

The solution ensures compliance with global industry standards and evolving regulations


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