Cross Industry - Cross-Industry Solutions

Cross-Industry Solutions

Take the next step in your transformation journey through these horizontal cross-industry digital solutions built on robust and proven BPM, ECM, and CCM platforms from Newgen.


Drive change by preempting market dynamics and bring about transformational agility in your operations with our active, on-demand and predictive analytics driven Newgen Case Management Framework. Powered with real-time Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), it allows design and deployment of ad-hoc processes that sometimes do not follow a linear and predictable path, enabling you to handle exceptions and specific scenarios to collaborate and adhere to regulations successfully.

Our iBPS Workflow engine lies at the core of the platform and helps you orchestrate all structured and ad-hoc processes. Our case management platform and powerful content management capabilities allow you to handle unpredictable and complex grievance cases efficiently, along with management of contracts across their complete life-cycle.

Newgen solutions for various business functions

Cross Industry - Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Lifecycle Management

Automate contract life cycle, mitigate risks and reduce costs.

Cross Industry - Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management

Resolve cases faster & serve customer better

Cross Industry - Employee Grievances Management

Employee Grievances Management

Track and resolve grievance cases

Cross Industry - e-Statements


Personalize customer communications

Cross Industry - Board Meeting Management

Board Meeting Management

Empower boards with organizational planning

Brochure: Digital Imperative for Collaboration & Exception Handling

It’s time to re-define the way you manage your ad hoc processes. Download to know how Newgen’s Intelligent Business Process Management Suite can help you transform your business.

Reinvent your Employee Grievances Management

Cross Industry - Employee Grievance Management Solution Brochure

Employee Grievance Management Solution Brochure

Let's fast-track and resolve grievance cases effectively

Reinvent your contract management

Cross Industry - Contract Management Solution Brochure

Contract Management Solution Brochure

Now manage and automate complete contract lifecycle