Payments - Reinvent Payments Management


Reinvent Payments Management

Deliver fast and reliable electronic payments with foolproof security and compliance.


Newgen’s Payment Solutions offer fast and secure electronic payments and unmatched security. Our solutions help you enhance customer experience, mitigate operational risk, track and monitor payments in real time. They significantly reduce the payment processing cycle and deliver enhanced customer services. Using these solutions, you can access customer data and transaction history in real time through world class archival and retrieval solutions. Further, you can establish swift verification processes, robust payment status, monitoring checks, and quick inter-bank and inter-branch reconciliations.

Newgen solutions for payments

Payments - Cheque Truncation System

Cheque Truncation System

Enhance efficiency with digitized cheque clearing

Payments - Signature Verification System

Signature Verification System

Ensure efficient, compliant and digitized signature verification

Payments - Automated Clearing House

Automated Clearing House

Facilitate secure, efficient and electronic payments

Payments - PDCMS


Achieve significantly shorter processing cycles

Payments - Mobile Cheque Capture

Mobile Cheque Capture

Deposit cheques from anywhere using smartphones

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Payments - Newgen's Solution for National Automatic Clearing House (NACH)

Newgen's Solution for National Automatic Clearing House (NACH)

Leverage a modern, robust platform to handle large volumes of repetitive payments