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Commercial Lending

Deliver digital commercial lending experience to your customers with Newgen's solution built on a configurable & unified platform.


Our commercial loan origination solution (CLOS) offers a unified configurable platform built on our products (ECM, BPM, CCM). It automates and streamlines the lending cycle for all loan types. The solution facilitates credit origination, approval, and monitoring in a paperless and electronically driven workflow environment.

Using this solution, banks and credit unions can achieve a faster-go-to-market, stay on top of regulations, and unify front and back offices. Further, they can break the build-vs-buy paradigm, dismantle operational silos and integrate with legacy and third-party applications. Thus a financial institute can strike a perfect balance between risk management and operational swiftness. Our solution is future-proof and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of a bank or a credit union. Moreover, our solutions empower relationship managers by offering true mobility for on-the-go information access and entry.

Brochure: Newgen's Solution for Simplified Commercial Lending Processes

Ensure faster time-to-market with our ready-made solution accelerator for commercial lending

Prospecting and Lead Generation
Efficient lead management and handling of cross and up-sell opportunities

Credit Application Management
Seamless on-boarding with several configurable templates for customer and product specific data capture

Credit Analysis and Underwriting
Comprehensive credit assessment tools that take into account financial information, ratio analysis, account conduct and pricing

Risk Management
Complete due diligence through peer group analysis, trade checks, real-time pipeline view, automated rules & standardized processes

SWOT Analysis
Comprehensive evaluation of a deal through a detailed analysis of various internal/external ratings

Document Management
Generate Loan Package with commercial loan documents and security instruments in pre-defined bank specific templates

Collateral Management
Unified workflow around releasing, updating, valuing and moving collaterals and other linked processes

Collections and Provisioning
Efficient management of delinquent accounts and linked accounts through incessant follow-ups and history logs

  • End-to-end risk management with methodical portfolio monitoring, automated tracking of collaterals and covenants, comprehensive reporting and standardized lending processes
  • Greater selling opportunities with better insights into high profile accounts to enhance profitability
  • Comprehensive cross-sell opportunities and the ability to underwrite loans competitively
  • Stronger customer/ member relationships by streamlining processes at all touch points
  • Enhanced operational efficiency with the elimination of duplicate data entry and reduced error rates
  • Efficient handling of policy exceptions, dynamic staffing, and business rules-driven underwriting and documentation
  • Streamlined approval cycles for faster transactions
  • Compliance and process standardization with close monitoring of process service levels across the lending life cycle
  • Comprehensive tracking and automatic retrieval in accordance with credit policy and compliance


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