Our Wealth Management solution creates a seamless on-boarding process for your customers. It eliminates the gaps between sales and fulfillment. Your asset managers can use this solution to drive need based on-boarding processes and reduce the time taken to meet customer demands. Leveraging our Case Management and BPM platforms, they can ensure streamlined account set-up, correspondence generation & management, funding, and activation.

Using our solution, you can make your processes intelligent without additional coding. The solution helps you keep your business future-ready by leveraging a flexible BPM platform, which can be designed according to evolving compliance requirements.

Brochure: Newgen's Solution for Wealth Management Customer Onboarding

Ensure responsive reporting for smarter wealth management onboarding processes.

Mutli-channel Distribution
The solution’s distribution engine disperses output generated across multiple channels based on predefined business rules. Customers can access and generate on-demand output, anytime and anywhere

End-to-end Delivery Tracking
The system supports rule based distributed and centralized printing of documents by clearly defining the distribution criteria and suppressing content for active channeling. With support for web publishing, the system
helps deliver customer communications online as well

Easy Self-Service Tools
The Relationship Managers (RMs) can generate customized reports based on the client’s needs using search criterions such as reporting currency, report name, language, branding confidentiality tools and comparison dates

IT Administrator
The IT administrator takes care of end-to-end user management responsibilities, creating/deleting business users and managing their work through user rights management. In addition, the IT administrator also looks after the service management and monitoring

Robust Output Generation
The solution is well equipped to handle structured, interactive and on-demand output through job-based output generation (print or email) based on customer preferences. It can easily manage dynamic job scheduling and
output cycles based on triggered events

  • Consolidated, fair, and transparent reporting of assets, ensuring adequate disclosure of risks to customers
  • Accurate calculations, supported by complex consolidation, validation, and graphical representation of data
  • Comparative analyses data, allowing customers to assess the relative performance of their assets
  • Reports delivered via customers’ preferred channels – print, email, web and mobile
  • Highly personalized and compelling customer experience, ensuring increased customer satisfaction
  • Elimination of risks associated with missing regulatory notes/disclaimers, calculation errors, etc.
  • Scheduling of reports for varied frequencies–daily, weekly or fortnightly, depending on customers’ preferences


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