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Accelerate customer acquisition, optimize cost per acquisition, improve overall profitability, and deliver a superior customer experience by leveraging our scalable, intuitive, and user-friendly digital account opening application. The application, built on a low code digital automation platform, offers usability and configurability. Usability ensures that the digital account opening interface is smart, comprehensive, and simple enough for customers to stay on the application and allows them to complete it, or save intermittently and come back later for completion. Configurability ensures a future-proof solution to help banks and credit unions adapt to the dynamic needs of the market, as well as their customers and members.

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Omnichannel and Cross-channel Account Opening Experience
Ability to start, save, and complete account opening form across devices including PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile, for a consistent and personalized digital experience for customers and members

Interactive Strategies
Rule-engine- driven experience for customers to request relevant information throughout the account opening journey. This includes product-based validations, disclosures, rule-based cross-selling, and funding options. Additionally, the solution provides complete assistance with contextual FAQs, tool tips, and chat engine integration.

Frictionless Customer Engagement
Reduction in customers’ data entry touchpoints by pre-filling personal, employment-related, and funding information from various sources. Personal information from uploaded identification documents like driving license also gets pre-filled in the application form

Risk and Compliance Management
Adherence to regulatory compliance and management of associated operational risks. Seamless integration with modern and advanced ID verification/authentication tools, fraud check software, AML/BSA systems, OFAC databases, etc.

Document Collection
Notification of the documentation needs to applicants based on selected accounts, customer profile, etc. Documents can be directly uploaded online, or pictures can be captured using a mobile camera. Applicant signatures can also be captured using mobiles or tablets

Automated Funding
Account funding by integrating with new-age payment gateways, account aggregators, ACH systems, and mobile-based payment systems. Customers and members get various facilities including account transfers, debit/credit card, mobile check deposits, and branch funding

Visibility and Configurability
End-to-end visibility with a real-time reporting tool to provide insights and analytics into the account opening lifecycle. Configurable architecture to address the dynamic business needs.

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Complete digital experience with comprehensive integration with multiple third-party applications
  • Reduced abandonment rates with advanced analytics on customer behavior
  • Faster onboarding, leading to superior customer experience and increase in customer acquisition rate
  • Easy compliance management and de-risking of process
  • Continuous improvement with real-time monitoring of process roadblocks


Online Account Opening Software by Newgen

Newgen’s Online Account Opening Software is a one stop solution for your customer on-boarding needs


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