Our branch based account opening solution helps banks and credit unions drive smooth onboarding processes and cater to ad hoc requests. Thus, accelerating customer/ member acquisition and optimizing cost per acquisition to enhance overall profitability.

Using our solution, a bank or a credit union can establish a controlled process with KPI based allocations and monitor process performance using dashboards. The financial institutions can also ensure rules defined approvals and contextual communications. The solution facilitates the creation of an interconnected account opening workflow while driving better departmental coordination, communication, and information handling.

Brochure: Newgen's Solution for Streamlining Account Opening and cKYC

A comprehensive solution for automating branch account opening and leveraging information received through KYC.

Comprehensive Document Management
The BPM suite with underlying scanning and document management system facilitates effective scanning & storage of documents for timely transfer of data to Central Registry of Securitization Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest (CERSAI)

Rules-Based Workflow
Business rule management system (BRMS) helps streamline workflow across departments and branches. Further, 360 degree business activity monitoring facilitates a holistic view of business

Elimination of Manual Intervention
Removing manual interactions like de-dupe checking and customer verification which involves cumbersome process of cross-validating data from various disparate systems

Streamlined KYC
Financial Institutions can fetch KYC data of customer from CERSAI using customer KYC identifier and store in FI database via integration

Effective Data Capture
Distributed scanning and data capturing solution for faster KYC process. Complete imaging solution for automatic data capture and verification

  • Higher customer satisfaction with improved turnaround time and better services
  • Higher risk tolerance and de-risking of business processes
  • Anytime anywhere document access
  • Lower operational cost and higher total cost of ownership
  • Rapid ramping-up of operations with a highly scalable solution
  • Easy customer interaction via automatic mail and SMS
  • Effective up-selling and cross-selling of new products and services


Online Account Opening Software by Newgen

Newgen’s Online Account Opening Software is a one stop solution for your customer on-boarding needs


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