Migration from Perceptive

Newgen can help!

As a Perceptive customer, do you feel affected by the mergers and acquisitions that happened in the ECM space? Did the following questions bother you during and after each acquisition?

  • What happens to the future of the Perceptive products now?
  • Will the acquiring company invest in its roadmap?
  • Will their policies impact my currently negotiated pricing structure?
  • Will the acquiring company continue supporting the product that I rely on?

You go through this roller-coaster ride during and after each acquisition!

The solution lies in modernizing your legacy ECM system with Newgen’s content services platform, which not only takes care of your current needs but also future-proofs your organization. You need:

  • A proven, robust, and scalable platform for end-to-end digital automation, right from capturing content, utilizing it in business processes, storing and accessing it, or retiring it for long-term archival
  • A platform that not only takes care of your content management needs, but has business processes and customer communications at its core, enabling 360-degree digital transformation
  • Low code application environment for rapid development of complex and mission-critical business applications
  • Cutting-edge capabilities, including AI/ML, mobility, digital sensing, and RPA, enhancing your employee and customer experience
  • Cloud-native and modular platform, enabling scalability and flexibility

Many enterprises have chosen to modernize their current ECM system with Newgen’s content services platform to stay current and future-ready.

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