Digital Automation Platform

Empower business with fast low code applications.


Digital requires you to be faster. Spending a lot of time in translating business needs to applications is not an option.

You need to decrease the turnaround time, especially in the context of continuously developing business processes and inducting new, cutting-edge technologies.

Low code is the answer!

Empower your business users to develop applications with minimal coding and free-up your IT for more productive work. Automate simple departmental functions to complex enterprise-wide solutions through a low code platform to gain business speed and agility.

A digital automation platform, with low code capability, reduces the translation effort from business requirements to applications through modelling-driven application development that supports citizen developers and reduces IT dependency.

Brochure: Newgen's Digital Automation Platform

Know how you can easily develop applications for automating simple departmental functions to complex enterprise-wide solutions.


Digital Automation Platform - Transforming Businesses Globally

Transforming Businesses Globally

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Digital Automation Platform - Why Low Code? Why Newgen?

Why Low Code? Why Newgen?

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