Low Code Digital Automation Platform

Empower your enterprise with high-velocity application development


Digital requires you to be faster. Spending a lot of time in translating business needs to applications is not an option.

You need to empower your citizen and IT developers while enabling enterprises to focus on evolving business needs, changing regulatory compliances, and delivering delightful customer experience.

Low code is the answer! With low code digital automation platform, you can: 

  • Empower your business users to develop applications with minimal coding and free-up your IT for more productive work.
  • Automate simple departmental functions to complex enterprise-wide solutions to gain business speed and agility.
  • A digital automation platform, with low code capability, provides modeling-driven environment to design and develop end-to-end applications (simple to complex) through drag-and-drop and point-and-click options.

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Know how you can easily develop applications for automating simple departmental functions to complex enterprise-wide solutions.

Applications Composition 

Rapidly develop enterprise applications using low-code configurations. Develop user interfaces, workflows, data models and forms to deliver rich and interactive applications

  • Responsive Apps: Develop responsive web and mobile apps with point and click configurability
  • Workflows: Deliver efficient workflows through web-based drag and drop collaborative modelling environment
  • Responsive Forms: Create dynamic and responsive forms for multiple form factors, such as desktop, tablet, mobiles (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.)
  • Data Modeling: Leverage data visual interfaces to create and manage application in a seamless manner
  • Decision: Define, control, change, and deploy business policies that govern critical business operations

User Experience

Enhance your customer experience by engaging with them in their preferred channel of engagement. Empower your employees with personalized work desks.

  • Customer Experience: Deliver quick and personalized response to your customers across devices and channels using advanced AI/ML capabilities of the platform
  • Employee Experience: Empower your employees to customize the UI as per their convenience and manage tasks effectively. Utilize the configurable dashboard designer as per business use cases, which can be specific to processes or applications

Intelligent Automation

Manage content, processes, and communication together, while bringing agility to your operations and adding context to your data for real-time visibility and control. Automate various back office and front office operations for operational efficiency and speed up the information flow.

  • Process automation: Manage simple to complex workflows using the comprehensive set of capabilities across process development, execution, monitoring, administration, and optimization
  • Contextual Content: Manage content-centric processes from capturing, processing and storing  delivering information and archiving records and documents
  • Communication and Messaging: Engage with customers (internal and external) through a built-in communication framework to offer superior services
  • Robotic Process Automation: Empower your employees by eliminating repetitive and mundane tasks with cognitive bots that mimic human actions and deliver sound judgment

Connect Systems

Join disparate data sources and applications using easy integration mechanism with SOAP web services, REST APIs, and ready-made integration adaptors.

  • Extend Life of Legacy systems: Extend the life and enhance the functionality of your existing legacy and line-of-business systems, like ERP, CRM, core banking, and HRMS, by decreasing their transactional workload
  • Expose and Consume Web Services: Expose all functions and methods available in the system as webservices, to be consumed by external applications. And, also invoke existing external webservices within applications
  • Unify On-premise and Cloud: Eliminate the need to migrate data from your existing on-premise systems of record by seamlessly integrating them with modern cloud-based applications, thereby reducing upfront migration costs

Effortless Deployment

Consistently implement changes in applications and deploy them regularly by leveraging DevOps practices and tools to manage the application development lifecycle while delivering features, fixes, and updates in close alignment with business objectives.

  • DevOps: Leverage best-in-class developer experience with integrated DevOps toolchain for continuous integration/deployment pipeline management
  • Deployment Options: Avail the flexibility to easily deploy applications on cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments


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