Newgen Software was selected as a finalist at the Global Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow – 2012, co-sponsored by WFMC and Newgen had nominated its client Laiki Insurance for this award under the category of best BPM implementation in EMEA Region.

Newgen Software implemented its Business Process Management (BPM) suite and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite to automate Laiki Insurance’s Claim Process, Assessment Process and Renewal Notice Process. Newgen’s proposed solution helped Laiki Insurance to reduce its operational costs by 75% and improve compliance and quality by 99%. With the deployment of Newgen’s solution this insurance player was able to maintain claims in bulk (up to 3000 claims can be created at a time). This aligned with the company’s strategy of rapid market ascendancy.

The solution was designed as per the strategic approach taken by Newgen. All customer requests and related work were processed in the central office resulting in leaner branch offices. The branch offices could now capture customer documents and some of the key customer information by using Newgen’s distributed scanning tool, OmniScan. After the initial Check and Rescue line Feedback, customer requests for claims processing were sent to the central office for further processing. This effectively made the branch offices more efficient and customer-centric.