Shikshaantra Plus – A complete school transformation programme of KHUSHII

Newgen Software Technologies Limited and Kinship for Humanitarian Social and Holistic Intervention in India (KHUSHII) came together in the month of August and signed an agreement to implement Shikshaantra Plus programme in Govt. Primary School in Harkesh Nagar, Okhla, New Delhi. This partnership is benefitting approximately 2,800 children (1379 Girls and 1478 boys) in the school. This collaboration has enabled the process of complete school transformation to empower children from poor and marginalized communities leading to improved life of dignity through education.

Many recent survey analyses have shown that learning levels in Government run primary schools have remained consistently low. More alarming is the fact that almost half the children drop out after 8 years of elementary education, without acquiring minimum acceptable foundation skills. Poor classroom processes have been identified as a major reason for the low learning outcomes nationally. Without adequate facilities to improve learning, children, especially those who have entered first time in a formal school, will lag behind and result in low motivation to come to school. This is the basis of KHUSHII for choosing to work in Govt. School and impact on the indicators nationally.

Newgen Software and KHUSHII have committed to address these challenges by promoting equity to enable children to learn, explore and achieve. This partnership will address the challenges of poor infrastructure, low Pupil-Teacher Ratio, low learning levels and drop-out in the intervention school. Under the partnership, many new facilities will be introduced in the school to improve attendance and engagement which will hopefully result in reduction of dropout rate. Under the programme, remedial education in Hindi, English, Mathematics and EVS and counseling support by providing a certified counsellor, digital learning, and extracurricular activities such as sports, recreational, art and craft will be conducted. Additionally, channelization of resources to train teachers, infrastructural improvement in Computer lab and monthly maintenance of sanitation facilities will be undertaken to improve the learning experience for children.

“We are extremely excited about our association with the Delhi-based NGO Khushii, and look forward to being instrumental in providing remedial education to 2,800 children studying in the morning and evening shifts at Govt. Primary School of Harkesh Nagar. We strive to work holistically for underprivileged sections of the society as a part of our flagship program Newgen Digital Discovery Paathshala. This association is another opportunity to do our bit towards the education of underprivileged and community development,” said Priyadarshini Nigam, Director, Newgen Software.

Aanchal Singh, Executive Director of KHUSHII expresses “Being a very progressive organization, Newgen Software Technologies Limited has a very keen interest in developing futures for the less privileged. This partnership is very strategic in nature, as it will enable a transformational journey for 2,800 children in Govt. Primary School of Harkesh Nager resulting in quality education at school and promising future goals and career aspirations.”

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Kinship for Humanitarian, Social and Holistic Intervention in India (KHUSHII) is an independent Not for Profit Organisation founded in 2003 by Cricket legend Mr. Kapil Dev and registered under the Societies Registration Act. KHUSHII is working for the upliftment and holistic development of underprivileged children, women and vulnerable families. KHUSHII works with a vision of increasing access to quality life. Over the last decade, KHUSHII has impacted more than 15.5 Lakh lives across rural and urban India in their fight against poverty, abandonment, social neglect. Currently KHUSHII is working in 10 states in India namely Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Gujarat.

 Shikshaantra Plus programme of KHUSHII addresses the challenges of poor infrastructure, low Pupil-Teacher Ratio, low learning levels and drop-out in government schools. Its ‘Complete School Transformation’ model in collaboration with State Education departments improves the school through remedial education, improving WASH, digital learning tools, STEM, sports and recreational facilities in school. Currently the programme is benefiting approx. 47,000 children in 31 Govt. Schools.

KHUSHII in its endeavor to integrate communities with development of school initiated the programme ‘Shiksha aur Vikas’ in nearby communities. The programme works on the aspects of Adult Education and Life Skills, Health and Sanitation, Financial Inclusions and Economic empowerment through Skill Development and Livelihood, impacting lives of more than 5 lakh people.

Our distinctive goal is to empower women and children from poor and marginalized communities leading to improved life of dignity through economic empowerment, better health and education.