Newgen Software, a provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and Customer Communication Management (CCM) platforms, today released OmniDocs[TM] 9.1 with enhanced data security, expandable Azure cloud storage and personalized document-centric workflows.

“This version provides greater flexibility to access or deliver content over mobile and cloud, creating a highly connected and digital workplace. With technologies such as mobility, analytics, digital sensing and robotic process automation with our product suite, we aim to meet the needs of a digital business and offer a connected workplace. Our continuous effort is to develop innovative technology solutions for our clients and facilitate their digital transformation journey,” said Diwakar Nigam, MD and Chairman, Newgen Software.

The solution suite offers smart tools to capture content from multiple sources, manage it in a secure centralized repository and make the information accessible across content-centric processes. It enhances the productivity of workers and improves overall customer experience.

Key features offered by the solution include:

  • Enhanced Data Security: Prohibits unauthorized access to sensitive data with encrypted data storage (Advanced Encryption Standard 256 bit encryption) and provides restricted data view to users with rights-based access
  • Cloud Enhancements: Provides content storage on Azure Blob Cloud; Database management over MSSQL 2016 DB Server and User authentication on MS Azure Active Directory
  • Record Management:  Efficiently perform basic Record Management operations, such as record request, generate transfer request, dispatch and reject directly within the solution
  • Personalized Document Workflows:  Facilitates a highly personalized user experience with customizable document view. Users can configure and perform advanced document-centric workflow tasks such as Assign to File Plan (to initiate record filing) and Custom Actions (to auto-populate data or trigger actions)
  • Language Support: Offers Arabic language support

About Newgen Software

Newgen Software is a provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and Customer Communication Management (CCM) platforms with large, mission-critical solutions deployed at world’s leading banks, insurance firms, healthcare organizations, governments, BPO’s and telecom companies.