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Customers - Process Automation for a Leading Bank

Process Automation for a Leading Bank

Gain insights on how Newgen’s BPM based Account Opening Solution successfully turned things around for the client


Customers - Bank Dhofar

Bank Dhofar

Understand how Newgen’s robust BPM based platform helped Bank Dhofar smoothly transition its processes to an automated environment


Customers - Law Society of Singapore

Law Society of Singapore

Know how The Law Society leveraged Newgen’s Legal Case Management Solution to Achieve Paperless Work Environment and Better Compliance

Customers - Law Society of Singapore -

Law Society of Singapore


Law Society of Singapore protects and assists the public in all matters ancillary or incidental to the law. To reduce process redundancies and make it error-free, the client automated the entire application process for CLAS with Newgen’s Legal Case Management Solution.

Customers - Bank Dhofar -

Bank Dhofar


Bank Dhofar is one of the fastest growing banks in the Sultanate of Oman. For the bank’s rapid expansion, it partnered with Newgen to streamline its operations and supplement its growth with improved customer services. The implementation resulted in faster processing time, reduced manual hand-offs and low probability of errors.

Customers - Bank of Cyprus -

Bank of Cyprus


Bank of Cyprus is the largest banking and financial services group in Cyprus, with significant market shares across business segments. With an aggressive plan to drive efficiency and achieve cost-effectiveness across operations, the bank partnered with Newgen. Leveraging Newgen’s BPM & DMS platform, the client optimized operations, ensuring fast, effective and enhanced customer services.

Customers - National Bank of Kenya -

National Bank of Kenya


National Bank of Kenya is one of the largest banks in the country providing financial services to all the sectors of the economy. The bank enhanced its digitization strategy by streamlining its business processes, resulting in reduced turnaround time, enhanced customer satisfaction and better compliance.

Customers - NiC Bank -

Nic Bank


NIC Bank is one of the leading banks in the East African regions. With an aggressive strategy to expand its branches and product portfolio, the bank automated its key processes with Newgen. The implementation enabled the bank to reduce turnaround time, improve customer satisfaction and ensure better compliance.

Customers - Union Bank of Nigeria -

Union Bank of Nigeria


Union Bank of Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s long standing financial institutions. To meet the increasing customers’ needs, the bank streamlined its critical business operations and ensured easy access to information in real-time, improving overall operational efficiency.

Customers - Bajaj Allianz -

Bajaj Allianz


Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company is one of India’s leading life Insurance Companies. The client was looking for a simplified and cost effective system to service its growing customer base and to facilitate the company’s expansion plan. Leveraging Newgen’s solution, the company enabled faster claims processing, managed high transaction volumes and increased overall productivity.

Customers - Access Bank -

Access Bank


Access Bank is one of the leading financial institution in Nigeria. The bank was looking for a solution which would provide a platform for complete automation and integration between processes and existing legacy system. With Newgen on-board, the bank streamlined its 10 critical processes and reduced turnaround time by 90%.

Customers - Max Bupa -

Max Bupa


Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Ltd. (Max Bupa) is a joint venture between Max India Limited and the UK based healthcare services expert, Bupa. With an aggressive plan to increase its market share, the company streamlined its key business processes with Newgen, resulting in reduced claims turn-around-time from 25 days to 5 days, and faster policy issuance.

Customers - AXA Insurance -

Axa Insurance


As a leading motor and medical insurance company in the Middle East, AXA insurance partnered with Newgen to enhance its customers’ experience. Leveraging Newgen’s OmniScanTM and OmniDocs platforms, the organization digitized its document-intensive processes, ensuring timely and effective delivery of services to its customers.

Customers -  -

Remfry & Sagar


With an aim to maximize efficiency, reduce turnaround time and to ensure effective decision-making, Remfry and Sagar on-boarded Newgen as their technology partner. With Newgen’s Legal Case Management solution, the organization increased users’ productivity by 50%, gained better visibility across cases and streamlined customers’ billing cycle.


Strides Arcolab


Strides Arcolab is a valued player in the global healthcare industry. With a view to gain operational efficiencies and reduce costs, the organization partnered with Newgen to streamline and automate its Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes for their Shared Services Unit.

Customers - United Arab Bank -

United Arab Bank


United Arab Bank is the bank of choice among major corporate clientele segments in the UAE, offering comprehensive range of banking solutions. Leveraging Newgen’s banking solutions, the bank ensured faster cheque processing, compliance with central bank guidelines and streamlined its key business processes.

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