Remedial Education Programme

Innovative teaching strategies, designed for students who face difficulties academically and help them match the age-appropriate classroom learning level.

Remedial education plays a vital role for the students, who face difficulties academically or are not able to perform well. We are hopeful that with the help of innovative remedial strategies, primarily designed for a specific set of students, can help the students match the age-appropriate classroom learning level.

Newgen has collaborated with Khushii, a not for profit organization working for the upliftment of children with lesser means, to provide remedial sessions to 2,600 children literate with the help of remedial classes in Pritabha Primary School, Harkesh Nagar. Under this initiative, students having low learning levels are provided remedial education, innovative pedagogy, regular counseling sessions, special day celebrations, etc. This initiative has amplified the impact of NDDP.

After initiation of this programme, the beneficiaries are going to be associated with Newgen CSR for an extended time span of ten years. The students will be a part of the remedial education programme (Ist to Vth), Newgen Digital Discovery Paathshala (VIth and VIIIth) and Alumni Programme (IXth to Xth). This long association will open new doorways for these students and will enable them to make the best of their potential. Recently, we’ve adopted a school in Chennai with 8000+ students.