Corporate Social Responsibility

Newgen’s Corporate Social Responsibility philosophy stems from its belief in ‘One World. One Workplace.’ Newgen reaches out to several strata of the society with the aim of improving their quality of life.


The concept of corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) has gained prominence from all avenues. Today, CSR is considered as the most responsible way of doing business for corporates. CSR is not charity or mere donations but a way of doing business as usual, while creating shared values and contributions for social and environment good.


With Newgen’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, we aim to actively contribute in the social and economic development of the less privileged children. We concentrate our efforts to raise the Human Development Index of our nation by enhancing their quality of lives.

Our objective is to make CSR a key business process for sustainable development of the society and to have an insightful business engagement with society at large.

We believe in corporate responsibility and contributing to the communities in which we operate. While being focussed on sustained financial performance, we are also aware of the necessity and importance of social stewardship. As part of our initiatives to realise our CSR vision, we seek to, inter alia, promote education, care of abandoned children and gender equality.

The CSR Committee is entrusted with the primary responsibility of formulating the CSR initiatives of the Company. We spent ₹2.48 million ₹4.88 million and ₹10.51 million in Fiscals 2015, 2016 and 2017, respectively in accordance with our CSR policy. Key highlights of our CSR initiatives in recent Fiscals include:

  • Newgen Digital Discovery Pathshala (“NDDP”): The NDDP program is based on empowering children through Digital Education. We have adopted Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Harkesh Nagar, Okhla. It is currently conducting classes for 1300 children; and
  • In 2006, we founded ‘Sadbhavna’ to help with the education of the children from the communities around our office in Okhla, New Delhi. Children of our support staff such as security and house-keeping are also enrolled in this program.

An initiative that has emanated from the vision of our MD, the digital literacy program aims at stimulating the minds of the children through the use of iPads and internet.

The NDDP program aims at transforming classroom sessions into fun–learning activities and make education more meaningful, taking the school curriculum as the baseline.

The Digital Paathshala is a fun place to learn textbook concepts digitally through iPads. Also, Newgen’s facilitators conduct sessions using methodologies like role plays, quizes, movies and presentations. Under the aegis of NDDP, Newgen has adopted Government’s Girls’ Senior Secondary School, Harkesh Nagar, Okhla. It is currently conducting classes for 1300 + children of classes 6th, 7th and 8th. Newgen has also equipped the school’s Computer lab with colorful furniture, iPads and projector.

Newgen has adopted Government Girls Senior Secondary School at Tekhand in July 2018 under the NDDP program, for providing digital literacy to 1400+ students of class 6th, 7th and 8th. We have renovated a Porta Cabin (Portable Cabin) provided to us by the school authorities, as a lab for the students.

Newgen has adopted three families at the SOS Children’s Village, Surajkund, Greenfields in Faridabad and also supports another three families at SOS Children’s Village in Bhopal. Each house accommodates ten children and are looked after by a mother. Newgen volunteers occasionally visit the families and conduct fun learning activities such as arts & craft, diya painting, quizzes, quilling workshops and others.

Newgen also conducts personality development and career counselling sessions in collaboration with the “I AM” organization. These sessions are conducted once a month and are addressed to the children of SOS Youth hostel and Sadbhavna Trust. And, as part of our monitoring mechanism, the organization submits an impact report of the sessions conducted during a year.

In an endeavour to ensure that the less privileged children of the society find themselves well-positioned to take on challenges of the modern day society, Newgen incepted Sadbhavna, in 2006. Sadbhavna looks at the holistic development of children, with the members offering tutorials for scholastic curriculums as well as guidance for vocational education. Newgen volunteers also assist the program facilitators and professional trainers during these sessions. And, children from the SOS Youth Hostel are also invited to attend the Sadbhavna sessions.

To foster digital literacy, classes are conducted for using iPads and using simple software tools. After a decade, “Sadbhavana” has touched many lives and empowered many children to join the right courses in college, find the right professions and jobs.

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