Having taken the first leap in the CSR domain, I felt it was time to introspect about the work done in the last one year.

Interestingly, Newgen’s flagship CSR program, the Newgen Digital Discovery Pathshaala (NDDP), is now a well-established program at the Government Girl’s School, Harkesh Nagar. Initially, we started the program with nearly 900 children of 6, and 7class, however, beginning of April, 2017, class 8th students also joined and we now have nearly 1,300+ children attending the NDDP sessions every week.

A big take away for me, has been the keenness, intelligence and interest shown by the students during the presentations, audio visuals and the iPad sessions. Both the students of Nishtha and Pratishtha sections have participated actively, often shown a quick grasp of the topic and curiosity to learn more. Making me once again re-iterate, that given the right opportunities, and attention these children can excel in any field.

During the year, we formed a smart and competitive CSR team, with the right skill sets, to work with school children, and manage the NDDP program. The focus of the team is to work in a collaborative manner and create systems and a strong foundation for the program. Creating content based on school syllabus, lesson plans, reporting post and pre-sessions, delivery, and work allocation are some of the critical areas that have been defined and adherence to them is mandatory.

An important benefit of the above collaboration has been a dedicated approach to creating new content, and overhauling the existing content, depending on the academic level of the students. Presentations have become more aligned to the text books, audio visuals have been chosen with great care and iPad sessions have been made more informative and delivery more efficient and accurate.

Another learning for me, being at the helm of the CSR team, has been that to make an impact in the CSR domain, the team needs to have a great deal of passion, sensitivity and determination for their jobs.

From my own, hands-on experience, I can honestly admit, that the NDDP program in the Government School required tireless efforts from everyone in the CSR team. Often, there was no electricity in the classrooms, and there were 90+ children in a room meant for only 60 children. For the last one year, the school has been under construction. The noise from the cement making machines, and the rising dust from construction work on the school premises, were some of the worst scenarios under which classes were being conducted. Newgen team has worked relentlessly through all these conditions, to deliver their best and to get the best out of the children.

Remarked, a senior instructor of NDDP, “We survived all odds and the children’s class test performance and their rising level of confidence and self-esteem is a good indicator of the quality of the NDDP program.”

Another indicator of the success is that the school authorities, in April, 2017, have allotted a newly constructed lab to conduct the NDDP program. Newgen has furnished the lab with colorful furniture, wall projector and cabinets to charge and store iPads and other material. The well- it and bright lab on the second floor of the school is a visual treat for all. Conducting classes, and summer camp in the month of May and June was an amazing experience for both the children and the Newgen instructors.

During the summer camp, children turned up in large numbers. Motivational movies such as “I am Kalam” were shown. The movies were treated as case studies, and discussions were conducted around the various situations in the story told. Later the children discussed their own goals in life, obstacles they perceived in achieving them and their role models. Children were encouraged to write and express their thoughts freely. Some of them proudly read out their write-ups and shared their dreams and aspirations with their classmates.