Do you agree that facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Instagram have given new outlets to manage relationships with our customers to communicate in new ways? Can we imagine living without these anymore? According to a recent study, Internet users spend 21.3% of their time on social networking sites. Hence, your strategic marketing plan should include a steady dose of social media along with email and other marketing strategies that reach your target audience. Customers like to talk about you, like to share their experiences with you and can engage with their peers talking about your brand.

From twitter and facebook to company blog forums, audiences have taken to these channels in droves because they are real-time, alternate avenues to phone-based communication and enable audience members to engage with one another. The effect of crowd sourcing on these interactions has brought new value — and new challenges.

In addition to capturing the social media information effectively, there are challenges in capturing and managing that information. Hence, the need for an enterprise content management that manages your social content is the pressing need of the hour.

Enterprise Content to Social Content

To adapt to this ever changing need in the industry, the ECM is now looked as an intelligent platform by users. With growing diversity of inputs within the ECM the definition, role & capabilities of the enterprise content management have changed.
Nowadays the inclusion of social media is the main driver for Enterprise Content Management. The traditional ECM functions are now supported with monitoring tools that help analyze the sentiment and user generated content and different data formats. ECM’s role has been enlarged to bridging the gap between social businesses & core business processes to make smart decisions.
For a better transition from enterprise content to social content following parameters must be kept in mind:-

  • Break information silos
  • Better understand the needs of customers
  • Engage with the customer through every possible social channel

How Enterprise Content Management will Fit the Bill

ECM systems play a role in wrangling social media when it comes to retention. Companies often struggle with determining what constitutes a record and what needs to be saved. It comes down to the liabilities that the content poses, and this is where ECM systems may become useful. Just like email messages, not every social media message is considered a record. However, when this groundwork has been established, analytics and ECM systems will be used to organize and evaluate the information.
Social media is an evolving portion of ECM system that needs to have the ability to review social media information semantically and automate the classification of content that needs to be retained.
While deciding for social content management software one should consider the following:-

  • Specific solutions to support one type of social functionality
  • Broad based platforms with many functionalities

Relevant needs to look for would be minimum functionalities like Profiles, Group spaces, Content sharing, Discussions, Blogs, Wikis, Search, and Activity streams. However, for a broad perspective your social enterprise content management should do what any good ECM strategy should, give power to communicate with the right people, at the right time, in the best way possible and that’s the main criterion.