Raised in a media-saturated, digital world, customers know that their value is beyond their wallets. It means a sales receipt, thanks, or a few kind words will not be enough for you to win them over and counter the cut-throat competition. It is for you to closely monitor what influences their decision-making across all touch points and accordingly respond to their changing behavior. The next big question is how to tap all touch points or make all channels come together to deliver enhanced customer experience.


Omni-channel is not a buzzword anymore; it is the way customers choose to engage with a brand. With the availability of different mediums and channels, customer interaction may begin online, via mobile app, over an Email, social media, to name a few. Thus, to make the journey of customers overwhelming, deliver timely and personalized experience.

Before heading on any further would share one of my experiences that I had the other day.

My friend asked me to get him a Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera. Knowing his choices well, I jumped on to my smartphone to browse through best websites and added one of the latest models to my cart. The next day, I showed him the DSLR on my iMac. To my surprise, he had finalized one, already. I had to instantly remove it from my wishlist and replace it with his preferred model. As one of our mutual friends had a loyalty card, I thought I’d avail its benefits and complete the payment later. Alas, I forgot to give him a call and ask for the code. A few hours later when I was tinkering around on my iPad, I received an inbound email to initiate the payment for the DSLR waiting in my cart. Also, there was a discount coupon, stating 10 percent off on the purchase and complimentary accessories valid for the next 24 hours. Right from mobile, to desktop, to tablet, I switched to several devices, which is more common than you may think. The service though was highly personalized and had a tender touch to it. This is what the differentiator of omnichannel service is.

So, consider this- No matter what, a customer would only be interested when you engage them contextually at every touchpoint.


While parting from the hard-earned money, customers consider several things right from getting answers to their questions to instant solutions to their concerns. Here’s when a unified platform – Customer Communication Management comes to rescue. With the help of a centralized and unified platform, it becomes convenient to manage customer communication at every stage of sales lifecycle, especially during the onboarding process, paving a way to cross-sell opportunities.


  • CCM platform easily integrates with Customer Relationship Management and other on-boarding systems and retrieves customer data that can be used to get through with customer in future
  • It delivers on-time communications to customers in a consistent manner across multiple engagement channels
  • It paves a win-win way by enabling you to send personalized communications for effective cross-selling
  • CCM platform generates interactive communications to engage customers and provides content depending on their interest
  • Manages high volume workloads
  • It gives the leverage to create standardized templates to create brand consistency

Customer Communication Management enables customers to enjoy an overwhelming customer journey, right from the onboarding stage. It is not for them to realize an array of channels you made available to them. All that would bother them is the way you could make them feel valued and the way communicated with them.