A Cloudy Weather for Banks and Credit Unions

Since 2020, banks and credit unions have been under constant pressure due to a multitude of factors such as unprecedented economic disruption, competitive market, rising member expectations, and various external forces.

In this backdrop, lending activities have also taken a severe hit as current lending practices and existing systems have not been able to put up with the rising requirements of members or the market. According to Cornerstone Advisors, there is a huge disconnect between what commercial banking executives believe about digital lending and what they are actually doing to prepare for a digital lending future.

This year, banks and credit unions need to rethink their lending strategies and proactively tackle the challenges posed by the prevailing interest rate environment and a weak economy.

Webinar: Hot Trends in Technology and Lending for 2022

As banks and credit unions prepare themselves to bounce back from an industry-wide recession, they need to put the pandemic-induced deposits to work and start reaping the promised benefits of their digital transformation and fintech partnership strategies. As per a survey by Cornerstone Advisors, Digital Loan Origination Remains a Top Tech Priority after digital account opening for banks and credit unions.

To help financial institutions navigate this, we are conducting a webinar on ‘Hot Trends in Technology and Lending for 2022’ with Alex Johnson (Director of Fintech Research, Cornerstone Advisors).

The webinar will feature fresh research from Cornerstone Advisors on bank and credit union executives’ technology and lending priorities for the coming year. The webinar will also reflect on how FIs can make meaningful progress towards those priorities in a hectic and constantly changing market.

The overall discussion in the webinar will be centered around:

  • Most significant challenges and competitive threats that banks and credit unions are facing in 2022
  • This year’s lending priorities
  • Technologies that banks and credit unions are planning to invest in 2022
  • Digital transformation and fintech partnership strategies

You can register for the webinar through this link. The webinar will be conducted on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, at 12 pm EDT.