As a new model of software deployment in enterprises, Software as a Service (SaaS) is gradually reshaping the competitive framework in the enterprise application market. SaaS is a globally emerging software delivery model in which application software is delivered remotely through a subscription-based model rather than being sold for perpetual use. Moreover, businesses in India are increasingly looking at delivery and collaboration of software over the Web. It is a low-cost way for businesses to obtain the same benefits of commercially licensed, internally operated software without the associated complexity and high procurement costs.

Newgen is proposing the hosted application model for its enterprise product suites, to clients, in a collaborative business framework.

Current Pain Areas (associated with enterprise software)

  • High software cost
  • Perpetual licenses cost
  • Software Maintenance cost
  • Hiring manpower
  • High operational & management cost

In this model customers can opt for a shared model where one application (which includes the application server, web server, database server and image server) will be shared by many companies. There will be multiple cabinets in a server, one for each SME.

The customers can also enjoy the personalized services in this model. It also caters to the need for integration with their core system and other systems like CRM and workflow etc.

Benefits to Customer

  • Reduces TCO i.e. Minimal or no Capital expenditure
  • Fast ramp up requirements to match business growth
  • Highly sophisticated delivery process, thereby reducing TAT
  • Storage and DR needs

Newgen’s Key Differentiators

  • Total ownership of process
  • End-to-End Service Provider
  • Reliable Quality Delivery
  • Security Compliances with Global Benchmark
  • Focus on Statuary Compliances.
  • Use of technology to provide continuous process improvement.