The recently held global award competition for Adaptive Case Management (ACM) implementations, in the USA, was an eye-opener for those who could not envisage Case Management emerging as the next big thing in the IT industry. The prestigious award competition was organized by a veteran award organizer Future Strategies Inc. – most of the times recognized by its director Layna Fischer, and KMWorld- a well recognized magazine for knowledge management. By the way, Layna Fisher is associated with organizing the Global BPM excellence award for almost 2 decades. Unlike any other award competition, the ACM award competition was held globally, which made it more challenging and interesting for all the case management solution providers. Vendors participated and nominated their clients across all the geographies like APAC, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Oceania, North America, South America. The award organizers categorize the nominations into: Customer Facing, Innovation, Legal and Courts, Medical and Healthcare and Public Sector. All the top notch BPM and ECM solution providers across the globe came and showcased their case management solutions implemented by their clients. Some of the vendors even nominated more than one client for this prestigious award.

From Newgen, I was spearheading this project and it was a wonderful experience for me. We nominated one of Newgen’s prestigious clients- Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan (L&S) for this award and submitted our nomination under the Legal and Courts category. Finally the comprehensive exercise of case study building, client’s approval, constant follow up, meeting deadlines and co-ordination with the event organizing committee, that lasted three months, did paid off when Newgen’s implementation at L&S emerged as the Gold Award winner.

In my last two blogs, I did talk about the Case Management Solution in generic, but in my upcoming blog I will take the opportunity to showcase Newgen’s Gold Award winning case management solution to you. Broadly I will be covering three aspects: the business challenges faced by the client that led them to look for a case management solution, the solution and its uniqueness, and the business benefits gained by our client.

Keep tuned!