While cloud computing can offer huge benefits, there are some significant concerns that need to be addressed when considering moving critical applications and sensitive data to cloud environments. Newgen with its unmatched BPM and ECM expertise, implementation capabilities, and an experienced and highly qualified team along with the strategic advantage of AWS platform addresses these concerns and ensures that you realize the step change benefits that are possible with cloud applications and platforms.

  • Security- is often cited as one of the most significant barriers to adoption in this market. To a large extent, organizations are still concerned about the potential consequences of allowing cloud providers to handle their sensitive information in a secure manner.
    Newgen Benefit: Newgen cloud services offer you a highly secure computing environment. All the data of different organizations are stored in highly secure separate silos thus alleviating security concerns of the customers.
  • Reliability- When you run mission critical applications on the cloud this becomes important. Failure of an application may result in loss of data, which in turn may lead to considerable recovery costs or loss in business.
    Newgen Benefit: Newgen cloud services offer enterprise-class reliability taking the advantage of built-in redundancies of large number of servers that make the cloud.
  • Interoperability- Being in the early stages of adoption and development, there is no much clarity on how cloud will integrate with the in-house databases, applications, work flows etc.
    Newgen Benefit: Newgen provides strong Integration Support with third party applications using Web Services and XML based, Java APIs. Newgen product suite is based on open, flexible architecture which supports Open Source Applications & Databases.
  • Process Visibility & Operational Performance- Process transparency and real time visibility are imperative to quickly detect, isolate, diagnose, and resolve critical performance issues.
    Newgen Benefit: Newgen’s Business Activity Monitoring tool will help organizations monitor and track the status of processes, identify bottlenecks and continuously improve processes.