As we enter 2018, Forrester predicts that the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market will witness a continued growth and reach the $9 billion mark.1

To help enterprises make the right choice and investments for their digital transformation, Forrester fragmented the ECM market into two submarkets: Transactional Content Services(TCS) and Business Content Services (BCS). Transactional content is generated outside a business ecosystem. It could originate from your customers, business partners and other external stakeholders. On the other hand, business content is generated within an enterprise, including your business emails, spreadsheets, and other multimedia content.

Newgen rides the Forrester Wave

As the ECM market sees a huge growth, we are excited to be named as a ‘Leader’ in this evolving space.

Forrester in its report, The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Content Management – Transactional Content Services, Q2 2017 report scored 13 ECM vendors on a 28-point criteria evaluation on their current offering, strategy and market presence. And, Newgen is one of the vendors that lead the pack.

This report recognizes our OmniDocs ECM platform that scales into billions of managed documents. It also acknowledges our focus and investments in Analytics, supporting various use cases such as financial services investigations, compliance management and sentiment analysis for incoming content (including social media) and intelligent data extraction for invoice processing.

We have received the highest score possible in the vertical and horizontal application’s criteria. And, our customers have also rated us particularly highly for our BPM, metadata, and multichannel capture capabilities.

To summarise, here’s what Forrester stated in the report –

“Newgen grows globally, with enhanced focus on analytics, scale, and mobility. Newgen Software has demonstrated solid market expansion, with direct teams and partners serving customers in over 60 countries. Newgen has a strong heritage of R&D investment and has developed a platform that scales into the billions of managed documents. Content, process, and case management services are delivered in a cohesive platform, allowing Newgen and its customer and partner base to deliver dozens of specific applications across a number of verticals. The OmniApp solution design tool is an example of this capability.”

– The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Content Management – Transactional Content Services, Q2 2017 by By Cheryl McKinnon with Alex Cullen, Alex Kramer, Sam Bartlett

Going Digital with ECM

To be truly digital, it requires you to meet the needs of your digital customers, empower business users and facilitate a ‘boundary-less’ organization. You can address all of these by selecting the right ECM technology, which helps you build customer-centric apps, access content anytime-anywhere and drive contextual customer interactions.

With our experience and focus on leveraging SMAC capabilities, we aim to reinvent workplaces with our OmniDocs ECM platform.

Read the Forrester report to get insights into the evolving ECM market and how Newgen obtained its position as a Leader.

1The Global Tech Market Outlook For 2017 To 2018, Forrester Research, Inc., January 9, 2017