As a chief lending officer, you strive to prioritize your customers’ needs and stay ahead of their expectations. However, your consumer lending solution’s legacy infrastructure and aging processes get in the way and prevent you from taking an aggressive transformation approach. A poor-performing lending solution will hurt your organization in various ways.

Listed here are the five key tips that will enable you to modernize your consumer lending solution and accelerate your digital journey:

1. Drive agility and product innovation with a low code platform

Leverage a low code platform-based approach to achieve operational nimbleness and strategic agility in your day-to-day operations. It will enable your financial institution to quickly and conveniently roll out new offerings and make changes to your existing products, depending on your business requirements

2. Digitize end-to-end consumer lending customer journey

Base your loan origination system on process automation and streamline end-to-end processes, from pre-screening, application processing to underwriting and disbursal, with a unified platform. The more user-friendly the interface, the better would be the customer experience!

3. Enable omnichannel customer communication

Deploy a customer engagement system that can bridge data silos, generate documents in multiple formats, and facilitate sharing across multiple channels while ensuring a contextual and consistent customer experience

4. Improve processing time

Leverage a modern contextual content services system to simplify your content-centric processes while infusing context in your engagements. The capabilities, such as automated content ingestion and extraction, will enable you significantly speed up the onboarding process. Furthermore, by infusing new-age technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation, you can achieve straight-through processing, make informed decisions, and provide context-driven offers

5. Stay compliant

Tighten process control through an intelligent process automation system. Through auditability, process standardization, tight document and process control, and good analytics and reporting, a robust consumer lending solution will help you improve your compliance metrics

To Conclude

You must transform your loan origination to overcome the operational inefficiencies. This requires a unique and focused approach to automation—one with a robust foundation and flexibility.

Read this whitepaper to gain detailed insights into how you can transform your consumer lending using connected banking and leverage a single comprehensive platform for streamlining your end-to-end operations.