The energy and utility industry (E&U) has undergone significant disruption over the past decade. The digital disruption, along with the pandemic, has caused significant upheavals. This has forced the sector to invest in modern digital technologies to adapt to the dynamic marketplace, bring efficiency to the processes, and meet customer expectations.

According to a 2021 survey by Accenture, 96% of utility executives have reported that their firms were innovating with urgency and call-to-action.

Key Challenges Plaguing the Utility Sector

Even though utility enterprises have been investing in digital technologies for quite some time now, they are still lagging in their digital journey. The primary reason that can be attributed is that these enterprises continue to rely on disconnected and broken transactional and operational systems. While these systems are adept at handling simple transactional cycles, they fail when it comes to managing end-to-end process lifecycle.

The Way Forward

E&U enterprises need to leverage a unified platform that can help them connect underlying processes, documents, devices, and people, which can help them transform the end-to-end process lifecycle. In turn, this can bring down maintenance overheads, increase operational efficiency, and become future-ready.

Use Case-focussed Webinar

Join Carlos Santos from Wipro and me in this webinar to learn why digital transformation is a top priority for E&U companies like yours and how you can accelerate your digital goals. We will share further insights into the key trends and drivers influencing the digitization of processes, the challenges in document engineering, and the management of documents. We will also share real-life success stories of E&U enterprises like yours that have successfully undertaken their digital transformation initiatives, demonstrate use cases, round-up industry best practices, and delve into futuristic scenarios which will help you achieve your goals. Make sure you don’t miss it!

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