A Dynamic Case Management (DCM) solution will be effective if and only if the new business scenarios, situational complexities and exceptions are handled in a timely manner. And to do that, the process workers must be bestowed with power and authorization to take the right decision at the right time. According to the situation, the process workers may select any ad-hoc process route, they can trigger any call for action or they can escalate to higher authority for permission. It’s the individual worker’s decision making ability which will make a DCM solution successful.

A DCM solution can be BPM centric- where the workflow routing becomes dynamic, or ECM centric- where right based content access is provided to the users, or CCM centric- where the right communication channels are chosen for the right customer with right content, or purely Strategic where Business Analytics like Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) tool and Rule Management System are used to monitor the process performance and take the right decisions at right time or change the business rule on the fly.

A DCM solution can be treated as a new layer between traditional BPM, ECM, CCM and Business Analytics tool and core applications. For any given process, various process templates will be available. Process workers will not design any new process templates but they have to select the right template according to the situation. Any new scenario will demand a new process template which will become an integral part of the solution so that it can be referred to in the future, if required. This is the process discovery part which makes the DCM solution more and more effective in time.

Organizations with a strong history of providing complex BPM, ECM and CCM solutions are now focusing on developing DCM solutions. The DCM solution will become a right blend of those individual offerings. To choose a right DCM solution, you must check that:

  • The vendor has its own BPM, ECM and CCM solutions so that the integration of the three will be more dependable as the solutions share the same technology platform
  • The vendor has its own business rule management system
  • The Vendor solution must support BAM tool and enable seamless integration with external business analytics tools

To use a DCM solution effectively and consistently, the business owners have to be careful about the following things:

  1. The Process users should be well trained in decision making
  2. Replacing a good decision maker should not affect the business performance
  3. Continuous process improvement through process discovery is the key to achieve highest level of performance excellence
  4. Collaborative process flow is essential to automate an unstructured process