It is a known fact that organizations (government or private) are moving towards working through a structured way of data representation. But the fact remains that, in spite of its availability structured data is not being used the way it was designed to be used.

A simple example is that of the Telecom industry where all Customer Application Forms (CAF) are designed in a structured form but no organization till date uses automated data entry process like ICR technology for data capture. As of now the customer base of the telecom industry is around 3 billion and it is rapidly growing, but negligible data is extracted through ICR technology. The reason is simple that CAFs are structured but not sufficient for ICR technology. If we simply increase the box size of CAFs by ¼ of the existing size and incorporate few requisites of ICR technology, then we can save/earn billions without any additional expenditure. Similar is the case with form templates for research organizations, hospitals, banks and many other industries.

ICR technology is the ideal solution for the most complex and voluminous form processing jobs. This easy-to-configure data capturing solution lets you extract business-critical information from forms for further use in external Database Applications, Document Management, Workflow Management System, Business Process Management, Content Management and other Information Management Systems.

ICR Technology processes virtually any kind of form and captures all possible kinds of information, viz. hand-printed/ handwritten characters, optical marks (ticked, crossed or filled ovals/ checkboxes), barcode symbologies, machine-printed characters and MICR fonts (OCR technology). The various components allow you to scan paper forms, define forms, extract data, verify/ validate the extracted content based on rules, and export the same to external applications.