In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, organizations are facing difficulty in achieving customer satisfaction and retention. In this regard, efficient customer service management becomes crucial. As customer expectations and service benchmarks move further, organizations are looking for ways to enable the best customer service management and deliver transformed experiences.

Challenges Encountered

As organizations struggle to meet the ever-increasing expectations of their customers, they encounter the following roadblocks:

  1. High costs incurred in providing customer service
  2. Low resolution rate
  3. High resolution time
  4. Delay in response to social media complaints
  5. Inability to further increase the customer lifetime value

Furthermore, according to Gartner, “only 9% of customers report resolving their issues completely via self-service. Many companies create more customer service channels, creating complex customer resolution journeys, as customers frequently switch between channels”. To tackle these challenges and ensure exemplary customer service, organizations require robust customer service requests and management tools that can align with their enterprise-wide objectives.

Customer Service Management Software is the Go-to Solution

A customer service management software is the ultimate solution that enables customer engagement and manages various customer service requests. Furthermore, the software offers a unified platform that seamlessly integrates with various enterprise applications.

The software offers powerful workflows, rules engine, document management, and social media integration capabilities, delivering the following benefits:

  • Efficient customer services via automation of non-value-added activities, improved first call rate, unified desktop, knowledge repository, etc.
  • Delighted customers with personalized customer services, anytime accessibility to services, and proactive resolution of queries
  • Improved social media responsiveness through sentiment analysis, brand adversaries’ identification, and timely response to social media queries or feedback
  • Unified interface for seamless customer service by integrating with legacy core applications
  • Reduced turnaround time through the seamless movement of cases across processes and functions, reducing overall effort and closure time with integrated back-end processing

Selecting the Right Customer Service Management Software—The Key Considerations

A customer service management software is crucial, but selecting the right fit could make a big difference. Here are six considerations that enterprises must keep in mind while investing in a system:

1. Case Management

An ideal software must ensure end-to-end management of various customer queries, customer service requests, and complaints, from the first interaction till case resolution. Furthermore, it should help enterprises gain strategic insights into important workflows, turnaround times, and approvals.

2. Contact Centre Management

The software must enable enterprises to capture customer interactions by utilizing a mix of channels such as chats, email, SMS, and more. The software should also facilitate seamless agent collaboration and call scripting to improve first call resolution and significantly reduce call handling duration.

3. Social Cell Enablement

Enterprises must choose software that ensures continuous tracking and analysis of customer views and behavioral trends on key social media channels. The software should also help enterprises separate the noise from the customer’s voice for efficiently viewing and addressing their concerns.

4. Knowledge Repository Management

The software should consist of a robust knowledge repository to facilitate simplified query handling by customer service agents. Also, enterprises should be able to continuously upgrade the knowledge repository through articles created by subject matter experts and allow approvals for usage.

5. Feedback Management

Enterprises should opt for software that offers a robust customer feedback management system to ensure timely capturing and reporting of customer feedback. The software should allow enterprises to create and administrate basic surveys for monitoring and identifying areas of improvement.

6. Self-Service Management

The software must help enterprises enhance customer service via integration with the customer self-service portal. The software should also help enterprises ensure superior customer services by enabling customers to raise requests, check status, leverage search capabilities, and more.

Customer Service Management software

A robust customer service management software can help organizations quickly configure and modify customer service request processes to ensure a high level of customer engagement and exceed customers’ expectations. For successfully achieving these goals, organizations need to consider a platform-based approach to customer services.

Download the whitepaper to learn how a platform-based approach can help provide the required scale, control, access, visibility, and agility to organizations. Also, discover how a low code and cloud-based automation platform can enable your organization to accomplish a modern customer service paradigm.