Last week we shared a few insights from our webinar featuring Kate McCarthy, Senior Forrester Analyst, for Healthcare Payers to improve customer experience in 2018 and beyond.

In continuation to the last blog, this week we are covering the remaining 3 insights she shared. Please share your thoughts and comments below.

Insight 4. The transition from Analog to Digital Healthcare

According to Forrester, 91% of consumers are highly connected and digital touches all aspects of their lives. However, in healthcare, less than 40% of consumers are engaging digitally.

Healthcare remains a document-intensive industry. The processes are still paper-based and involve a lot of manual hand-offs. Whereas, members are getting accustomed to higher quality service levels in different walks of their lives.

Digital offers a huge untapped opportunity for healthcare. Forrester estimates that the shift to digital is a whopping $ 300B opportunity. Health plans need to think digital for every aspect of their business processes. For instance, in the area of provider contracting, healthcare payers can start the shift to value-based contracts by adopting online technology tools that enable better transparency for their provider networks.

Insight 5. Data Management- Top priority for Consumer Trust and Physician Engagement

Managing member and physician data in compliance with HIPAA has always been a challenge for health plans. With growing data volume, you need to find a way to integrate all the data, make sense of it, connect silos of care and get insights at the right moment at the right time to build the right experiences.

As per Forrester, Healthcare data theft costs about $ 5.6 B per year. Talking about US consumers, 1 in 4 consumers had their healthcare data stolen. This makes data security and management a top priority.

As consumers are willing to digitally connect with payers and providers, going digital would entail adopting a technology that secures all the information and member data.

Insight 6. Deliver better care by connecting Systems, Processes, People and Things

Forrester predicts that virtual care will outpace outpatient as a place of service within the next decade. The transition would include migrating from paper-based to electronic repository, and building experiences for physicians, end customers and employees.

Virtual care with IoT (Internet of Things) devices would enable connectivity and anytime-anywhere care delivery. This magnitude of change requires you to be change-ready, in terms of your people, process, and technology.

The key is to connect your systems, processes, people and things to allow them to interact and generate a 360-degree view of customer data.

At Newgen, with our BPM and ECM platform-based healthcare solutions, we enable this connect. We help you deliver better customer experience and care by connecting your resources and building a digital ecosystem. Want to know more? Explore our solutions and feel free to comment below.