COVID-19 has taken the world by surprise, causing a great deal of uncertainty and raising issues that require thoughtful responses and well-planned actions. Newgen recognizes the ongoing situation and is actively contributing to overcome the implications of corona outbreak. Said so, we sense the urgency for our customer community to know about our business continuity plan.

Communication shared with our customers – Tuesday  May 05, 2020

Dear Customers,

Businesses around the world are facing an unprecedented crisis in the form of COVID-19.

During crises like these, ensuring the well-being of our employees and enabling business continuity for our customers remain our top priorities. Keeping the same in mind, we promptly responded to the current situation and were able to transition to the new normal of a digital working environment, wherein over 90% of our workforce was enabled to work remotely while ensuring security and compliance. Our digital automation platform helped in achieving the same for our customers globally.

This is how we are ensuring uninterrupted services for our customers during COVID-19:

  1. Centralized servers and standardized environments: Newgen’s complete development network and supporting infrastructure operates on a central system and follows a synchronized cloud-based continuity strategy. This ensures that staff working anywhere in the world can use the same set of resources, such as active directory for user authentication, project management, central file repository, defects tracking, help desk for customer tickets, etc.
  2. Product-based implementation framework: Our implementations globally are based on our industry-standard products and related customizations. Our employees across geographies have the experience and skills required to consistently support our customers in case of any emergency or site lockdown.
  3. Team collaboration tools: Newgen utilizes team collaboration tools to reduce the need for physical interaction among our employees, partners, and customers. We are leveraging digital connectivity to successfully execute each stage of our project deployments—from requirements gathering, to project planning, to implementation and production support.
  4. Extended development network: Newgen has extended its development network via VPN connectivity, enabling their employees and customer relationship managers to work remotely without compromising on communication and coordination with customers.
  5. Employee engagement: Newgen’s HR team and employee welfare society are constantly working on managing the probable negative impact of working from home by conducting fun and social engagement activities during the lockdown. We have also engaged external consultants to ensure emotional well-being of our employees who are staying in quarantine or are away from their families.

For our customers who have subscribed to our platform and applications via Newgen’s cloud services, we would like to assure you of continued services per our master service agreement. Please note:

  • We strictly adhere to the agreed-upon Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) responses
  • Newgen’s Admin Operation Center (AOC) is accessible from different Cloud Access Zones (CAZ) to meet regulatory requirements
  • Virtual CAZ (vCAZ) is now available for continued operations in case physical CAZ locations become inaccessible

We would like to reiterate that we are all working through this situation together. We are here to help you navigate through these trying times and prepare for the future.

If you have specific questions about our efforts to ensure business continuity, please contact us at

Take care and stay safe!

Newgen Management

Communication shared with our customers – Friday March 20, 2020

Dear Valued Customers,

Recently, we apprised you about our business continuity efforts and with our commitment to seamlessly provide the service and support you depend on daily. We are continuing to closely monitor the situation related to COVID-19 coronavirus and making informed decisions every day.

At the same time, we want to minimize business disruption in the areas of,

1. Project Implementation and Production Support Services

With a restriction imposed on travel on our employees, Newgen is utilizing web-based team collaboration and video conferencing tools for reducing physical interactions among Newgen’s, partners’ and your employees. Here we are accounting for time zone differences as well to increase the number of overlapping hours between our teams. Specifically for the US, we have teams in our Tampa offices and another set of team in India for extended hours, for continued implementation services.

For implementation projects, we have teams working during your normal business hours. The scope of this digital connection will be from requirements gathering to project planning to implementation and user acceptance testing. Production support will continue to be provided as per our service-level agreements.

To reiterate, Newgen’s development network is designed to be functional in adverse conditions such as the one we face today. In such cases, project team or similar skilled team can take control of the environment from any of the pre-designated global locations.

Further, we have extended our development network via VPN connectivity, to project staff/relevant customer representatives to work from home in any eventuality of physical premises lockdown or statutory/regulatory order to work from home.

2. Newgen Cloud Services

For those of you, who subscribe to our platform and applications via Newgen cloud services, we would like to assure you of continued service availability per our master service agreement.

To remind you, we provide three broad categories of environments: development, user acceptance, and production. All three environments are on specific cloud regions as per the agreement. Our cloud operation works on a shared responsibility principle, i.e. Newgen along with its service providers, partners and customers have our shares of responsibilities for the smooth functioning of services.

The production environment has cold or hot disaster recovery environment located in a region different from the primary hosting region. These environments strictly adhere to the agreed-upon Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) responses.

Production environments are managed from a fully-redundant cloud control center called Newgen Admin Operation Centre (AOC). Newgen AOC is accessed and operated from different physically and logically secured Cloud Access Zones (CAZ) across geographically-separated centres. Operational staff is working from different global CAZ locations in carefully planned shifts to meet statutory/regulatory requirements arising out of the Covid19 situation.

At this time, we do not anticipate any performance or delivery issues and are following our well-developed service continuity plans, which remain unaffected. As the situation remains fluid, we will reach out with further communications as needed. Please refer to our website and blog for additional information and regular updates.

If you have specific questions about our efforts to minimize the possible impact on our clients, please contact us at

Yours sincerely,

Newgen Management

Communication shared with our customers – Friday March 13, 2020

Dear Valued Customers,

We understand that you may be concerned with the potential risks of disruptions in your business due to the global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). We want to appraise you of our business continuity efforts and with our commitment to seamlessly providing the service and support you depend on daily.

We are closely monitoring the evolving circumstances related to COVID-19 coronavirus. A dedicated task force has been created centrally, that continually reviews guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and state and local authorities and make proactive adjustments to our preparedness and response plan.

Our major development and support facilities in India are currently outside any control or risk zone. We are operating without any disruption and continue to support our customers globally. We also have multi-level contingency plans in place to respond to any eventuality.

Newgen Employee Wellbeing

Our top priority is to make sure that all our employees globally are safe, and avoid any risk of infection. Which is why we have taken, among others, the following preventive measures:

  • Restricting all international business travel
  • Transitioning to virtual meetings (via video-conferencing) and restricting employee attendance in most conferences and seminars
  • In addition, we are placing our employees, who have traveled to countries where there are pronounced COVID-19 outbreaks, in quarantine; ascertaining that our vendors and suppliers are engaging in prudent preventive measures; and doing all we can to keep our employees abreast of COVID-19 developments

Further, we have established a company-wide reporting process to identify any employee with emerging symptoms consistent with the flu or COVID-19 and take immediate actions to reduce exposure to other associates. Newgen apologizes for any disruptions due to travel delays that may impact our customers’ project timelines. We appreciate your understanding of this dynamic situation and will keep you updated on the same.

Our preparedness is coordinated as part of an overall business continuity plan. The goal of all these measures is to enable us to support our customers’ needs with a minimal level of disruption in the event of a pandemic outbreak of COVID-19.

Business Continuity

Newgen has a well-defined Continuity of Business plan, for uninterrupted and continued enterprise-level services to its customers in the event of an emergency or disaster situation, also known as an interruption. The plan defines different types of interruptions and lays down different contingencies strategically woven together with Newgen’s distributed delivery infrastructure located across India and the world (site, city, country-level contingencies). Newgen conducts a disaster recovery test on an annual basis and the last successful test was conducted in the last quarter.


While we respect the uncertainties inherent to the COVID-19 outbreak, we believe we are well prepared to respond to the possible impact with operational redundancies, a client-focused staff, and proven business continuity plans. If you have specific questions about our efforts to minimize the possible impact on our clients, please reach to your relationship manager or write to us at contact page. In addition, you can reach out to us through your regular channels of communication.

Please inform us of any additional requests that could arise from this unexpected situation. We will do our best to accommodate it for you.

Yours sincerely,

Newgen Management