Today’s customer is more informed than ever – and more astute in making purchase decisions. Effective customer communication can act as a catalyst for companies to create greater organizational efficiency while optimizing the profit potential of every touch point with the customer. Businesses need to realize the importance of customers’ data as a reflection of customers’ voice, and initiate the first step in giving voice to the customer by incorporating a timely and effective communication strategy. For an organization to achieve this, a robust Customer Communication Management (CCM) strategy – offering full functionality required to deliver on all aspects customer communication – is an absolute must.

Timely, personal, relevant and compelling communication is critical to building trusted and long-term customer relationships — this should be a given. However, organizations still struggle to manage and deliver consistent and cost-effective communications across today’s multitude of communication channels. The chances of cross-selling or up-selling are dramatically dropped if there is a gap between the customer’s requirements and the offer made to him. Distribution to multiple output channels like print, email and web presentment is challenging due to high turn-around-times for replicating changes and absence of versioning. Dependency on vendors/ IT experts for performing minor changes, like templates, business rules and workflow — things that should be in the hands of the business, not IT, leads to escalated costs and unnecessary delay in communication. Another major challenge lies in enforcing branding guidelines like font style and background to ensure consistency across all customer communication for brand recognition.

Inconsistent and irrelevant communication may have serious implications for any business. The solution lies in co-creating products and services with customers by intelligently using customer data to create personalized and targeted communication. In today’s “connected” consumer-centric world it has become imperative for businesses to adopt new channels to engage and stay in tune with customers’ needs, demands and expectations. To be able to up-sell and cross-sell effectively, businesses must monitor customer data in real-time to enable need-based targeting. CCM harnesses the power of existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and transaction data to ensure that the on-going communications are highly personalized and relevant.