Becoming more and more efficient in the daily business operations is the only way an organization can vanquish its adversary. Efficiency means doing better, bigger and smarter everyday with minimal operational costs. Digitization of physical documents is the technique already well accepted across industries to lower the paper and document transactional costs. The emerging trend is to have a centralized printing solution to control, track and monitor printing activities across organizations. An efficient centralized printing solution allows users to access and print documents with a high degree of confidentiality while at the same time enables administrators to monitor and control the various print processes effectively. By providing the end users a high level of flexibility in the form of multiple printing mechanisms and the administrators intensive monitoring and control tools in the form of extensive real time reporting, graphs, customizable dashboards, ROI information, profiles and print policies, the solution empowers an organization to effectively control and optimize the printing assets, reduce wastage resulting in print cost reduction and thereby providing a platform for continuous improvements and higher ROI.

Centralized printing has the potential to overcome the problems encountered in securely printing documents and administering organizational printing, so as to encourage optimal and efficient usage of printing resources in a networked environment. It uses a panel attached to the printer where the user needs to login before printing a document. The printing is secured as users can only view the documents issued for printing by them. The user is also provided the flexibility to print the document at different locations and geographies. Users can print documents across various office locations, as long as they use their login and password registered with the central domain.

The benefits of such a system are manifold –

  • Cost Savings – Both direct and indirect print cost savings for the organization by monitoring & controlling user print actions. Solution supports print resource optimization for cost reduction.
  • Confidential Print Environment: Seamless integration with existing user management system and credential based access to print resource provide safeguards to confidential documents.
  • Audit and Compliance: The ‘Print Monitoring’ tool provides “No Print Without Approval” control. Solution helps implement user or group level policies for printing. Comprehensive user activity logs provide support for audit and compliance.
  • Green Printing- Minimal wasteful printing by enforcing various print policies and making users accountable for their print actions. It will reduce the usage of number of pages for printing in organizations promoting an eco-friendly work environment. With this “Go Green” approach organizations will be enabled to abide by their Corporate Environment responsibility.
  • Real Time Print Statistics: Solution shows interactive real time dynamic charts on customizable dashboards and schedule email reports to the business owner.
  • Business System Integration – It allows seamless integration with existing enterprise/business systems using a simple Plug & Play mechanism and enables users to fetch & print documents on-demand from the business systems, eradicating the conventional tedious process of document access.

The solution serves not just as an investment or a cost saver but as a money vending machine. Organization will earn carbon credit points for saving pages and get recognition for Corporate Environmental Responsibility. History shows, Companies selling Carbon Credits are preferred due to their concern for Corporate Environmental Responsibility. Trading in carbon credit points improvises the global image of an organization and also has a high return on investment year after year. A company even if investing for the first time in this technology will experience a regular cash inflow. Also, the brand value of the company, which sells carbon credit points, is higher than its competitors. Through this approach, organizations can achieve operational excellence and better brand equity and at the same time enjoy faster ROIs coming through it.